The Zmodo Greet Wi-Fi Video Doorbell Review

Zmodo Greet Wi-Fi Video Doorbell Product Image

If you are not into fancy exteriors with all the rings and bells attached to it, then this model might be the best one for you.

From personal experience, the more mundane and unnoticed a peephole camera is, the better off you are, as your house won’t stand out in any way to potential thieves.

This will set you on equal footing with your neighbors.

From the first onlook, one could conclude that the Zmodo doesn’t really do much, judging by its bleak coating, but I’m not too sure about that!


  • 720 Pixels High Definition Camera

Since this is a lower budget model, one cannot expect pure HD quality, but the picture is still clear and broad as daylight.

  • Voice Message System

Bring us back to the 90’s where everyone and their grandma had a personalized voice message on their telephones.

Zmodo Greet Wi-Fi Video Doorbell App

Record up to a minute of your rusty voice to potentially scare or shush uninvited visitors.

  • Wi-Fi Connectivity Enabled

Whether on a business trip or on a weekly trip to the mall, you’ll be able to have absolute control of the situation outside of your home.

Both voice and camera are enabled, literally letting you speak to any meandering passerby!

  • Waterproof

Unruly weather can go screw itself as this baby could survive through a hurricane without being damaged in the least!

  • Be Modern With The Cloud

Probably my favorite feature of them all.

All the footage and voices recorded get stored on a decentralized and private cloud server, where you can access all the happening from the past 36 hours with the click of a button!

The Advantages

  • Become An Assassin With Night Vision

Zmodo Greet Wi-Fi Video Doorbell InstalledWhen the hunter becomes the hunt, that’s what best describes this awesome feature of the Zmodo.

I would oftentimes have problems clearly recognizing the faces before dawn would set it. This sometimes led me to not let a friend of mine or a colleague inside of my home as I was unsure of their identity.

Not with this model, as green becomes the new black with the ultra-modern technology behind this feature.

  • Download An App And Let It Do It For You!

I hate spending my time senselessly trying to make out what the author wanted to say in the description manuals.

That’s why the convenience of simply downloading an app to my phone and taking things from there made the mounting and installation experience that much simpler!

  • United We Stand

Many security products try to make a standalone appearance but as an owner of a larger property, I know how hard it can be to cover everything with just one camera.

Take the one and multiply it by four, what do we get?


The Disadvantages

  • Better Vision Please!

I simply can’t get over the fact that the resolution is so low on this model. For crying out loud, we are living in the 21st century!

I want to see ALL the wrinkles on the face of my sexagenarian neighbor when she slowly strolls down the street.

I mean, I literally own three monitors that enable me to stream myself with a 4k HD resolution!

On the flip side, if you aren’t as sensitive to technology as I’m, you can still clearly make out the faces without any hassle.


To conclude, for this price-point you can’t ask for more. Although I do like to flaunt my computer gear, I would never show you the huge rack of bills on my account, so let’s leave it at that!

The Zmodo Greet is perfect for the vigilante on a budget and its prowess shouldn’t be underestimated as I’ve shown in this article.

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But if you are anything like me, you’re better of seeing some of the Best Peephole Camera Reviews before settling for this model, as there’s a whole lot more fish in the sea!