The Yale Look Door Viewer Review

Yale Look Door Viewer Product Image

A Yale peephole camera? Is it as sophisticated and perfidious as the similarly dubbed college that is revered amongst students?

Will it be able to offer the type of protection and security you have sought for so long?

Answering these inquiries is only doable by meticulously going over the features, breaking them down and then listing the positives or negatives that the product embodies.

Let’s get down to business!


  • Motion Control

Yale Look Door Viewer ImageYou’ll get a notification every time someone approaches your front yard or rings the doorbell. This will prevent any sort of obscure faces from possibly snooping on your property, without your notice, that is.

  • Sophisticated Timeline

With the Look app, you are just one step away from going through all the snaps and notifications that were taken months ago.

I have never seen a peephole camera that offered so much insight and value on the current market.

  • Broad LCD Monitor

You don’t need fancy technology or any sort of added gear as the Yale graciously enables you to view the live feed at any time through the LCD monitor.

  • Micro SD Card Included

Many manufacturers will not go the entire length when it comes to storage capacity, but this manufacturer has you covered.

Never run out of free space with a memory card ingrained into the system!

  • HD Camera

Never miss a piece of the action with a crystal clear, full high definition video camera that tracks even the smallest pieces of movements.

The Advantages

  • I Didn’t Need To Have An Expensive Phone

I’m the type of guy that lays the aces right in front the table; This was amongst the rare peephole cameras that didn’t require an external phone to be able to track what is going in front my house.

This cemented the faith I had in this product and the eventual purchase I’ve made.

Most manufacturers go with the age-old integrated phone to your camera but what if I prefer to have my phone off or what if I own an older model that doesn’t support video footage?

Yale Look Door Viewer Use ImageThese are the types of small intricacies not many companies pay attention to.

  • A Screwdriver And We’re Done!

I pride myself on the candor in my speech and I must admit that I’ve never been much into technology or hard labor.

Following that notion, I did get a bit antsy when the installation process came into play and as I was about to call a technician, I realized how straightforward the course of action was.

Simply attach the peephole camera, whilst having remove your regular doorbell, use the four screws to put it into place and that’s it!

  • I Hear You Loud And Clear

No distortions, and the sound was perfectly discernible. I would oftentimes have problems in determining the disparity between some of my acquaintances that I haven’t seen in a while and complete stranger!

Not with this model, as I could tell a needle from a haystack when it came to accents and similarly-sounding tones.

The Disadvantages

  • I Couldn’t Use It Immediately

Besides being a bit brash, I’m also of the capricious type which hates waiting for things.

The first time I tried to view the live feed left me feeling disappointed as I had to wait for a few hours as the battery was getting fueled.

I’m not sure how much of a disadvantage this really is, but I do know that I found it pretty frustrating at the time!


To summarize, an all-around great model that could be recommended to any property: From the simple college condo to the big bungalow in the suburbs.

A splendid job done by Yale!

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