Wrought Iron vs. Aluminum Fence, Which Is Better

A fence can be what your house needs to complete the classy look. Fences can be used for making your yard look elegant in addition to providing security to the house.

Although quite attractive, these metal fences are not ideal for privacy, but they give an excellent look to the house. Wood and Vinyl fences are getting more popular by the day, but some people still love the New Orleans traditional look of metal fences. If you doubt which one to choose, read on, and you will find out the best one for you.

Wrought Iron Fence

Wrought iron fences are extremely elegant and are made from durable material. In addition, the wrought iron fences can last for a long time, but the maintenance costs are very high. They require proper maintenance for the prevention of rust.

Rust can form on wrought iron fences and can eat its way through the fence. To avoid it, wrought iron fences need to be correctly and regularly maintained.

Wrought iron fences are beautiful and sophisticated to look at; they provide a high-end look, so most people prefer them. But the high maintenance costs and the upfront cost make them a costly investment for your home.

Aluminum Fence

Aluminum fences are also good-looking but not as intricate as wrought iron fences. The designs can be of bad quality when compared to wrought iron fences. Nonetheless, they tend to be almost the same as wrought iron fences in the other aspects.

Aluminum fences do not require regular maintenance. Aluminum fences do not need to be coated with paint or sealant. Problems such as rust, chip, crack, and peel will not occur when you have aluminum fences.

If you want a wrought iron look but do not want to pay the high upfront cost and the maintenance costs, aluminum fences might be a good option.

Wrought Iron Fence vs. Aluminum Fences-Which one is better?

To choose between the two options, we should be going through all the details one by one. All aspects are highly important and have their role; going through them all will allow you to chose the better one for you. So let’s dive into the details for both of the options and see through each detail.


If you are looking for an economical and effective option, aluminum fences would be the right one. On average, aluminum fences, including the ornamental material and professional installation, would cost up to a maximum of $125 per linear foot.

The same would cost somewhere around $1200, depending on the size of your yard. The cost-effectiveness of the aluminum fences makes it a better option as you get almost the same look with both of them.


Wrought iron fences are generally a lot more durable than aluminum fences. So, if you need something that would still stand after a long time and constant heavy wear, wrought iron is the right option for you.

Furthermore, if you evaluate the factor of strength, the wrought iron fences are a lot more durable. However, as discussed before, the wrought iron fences generally require a lot of maintenance to prevent rust.

In terms of aluminum fences, this is not the same. So, if you evaluate durability based on longevity and not strength, aluminum would be the most durable fence.


One significant difference between wrought iron and aluminum fences is that the wrought iron can be affected by rust. The rust which is formed on the surface of the wrought iron can completely eat the wrought iron itself.

To avoid this, the wrought iron is coated with external powder, paint, or sealant. And this maintenance is required quite regularly. But, in the case of aluminum fences, little to no maintenance is required. No pests, plant matter, or rust can affect aluminum. So, in the case of maintenance, aluminum is the apparent winner.


Both wrought iron and aluminum can be extremely beautiful and elegant to the extent that other materials cannot be as good-looking as them.

They highly compliment the look of several styles of houses such as Colonial Houses, Victorian Houses, and other houses which are traditional-styled. In addition, they give homes a New Orleans-style look. But they are not suitable for traditional styles only; contemporary style houses can also look great with wrought iron or aluminum fences.

Wrought iron and aluminum fences work in the same way with aesthetics, and they are incredibly similar.


Wrought iron fences and aluminum fences are extremely good at providing excellent security to homes. Both of the types of fences are too high to climb over. Even if somebody attempts to climb over the fences, the top of both the fences is generally sharp, and he will not be successful.

In this way, they protect your yard from intruders. Also, unlike wood fences, wrought iron and aluminum fences cannot be cut easily.

For an intruder to first destroy the fence, he must use a loud metal cutter. Otherwise, there are no ways through which an intruder can cross them, which makes them an excellent security measure.

Color Options

Usually, both of the fences come with black finishes. But they have a wide array of color flexibility. The powder used to coat the aluminum fences can be green, white, brown, and many other colors. When wrought iron fences need to be recoated, you can also change the color from a wide range of the color spectrum.

Final Thought

Fencing is one of the important components of a house. To choose the right type of fence, make sure to evaluate both the options and then make your choice.

Before choosing a fence, ensure what function you need the fence for, such as security purposes or decorative purposes. Then, get a price quote and compare the cost difference as well as all the other features, and you’re good to go!