Self Defense Techniques For Women

The greatest self-defense approaches and tactics are equally effective for men and women, but let’s face it: women need them more than men since they are assaulted more frequently.

Women most frequently face brutal or violent attacks. Women are also subjected to higher instances of verbal and sexual harassment.

Although most women’s self-defense classes emphasize swiftly and efficiently defeating an assailant, self-defense training should also include strategies for preventing a physical conflict from occurring in the first place.

Canitec comes with self-defense techniques for women and self-defense weapons for women in this context!

Self-Defence Means Protection

Walk alone and feel uncomfortable? Get a peculiar atmosphere on the bus from an alien? There were several of us.

In a study conducted in January 2018 by 1,000 women, 81% reported sexual harassment, assault, or both.

The most prevalent type was verbal harassment, although 51% of women stated that they were unwelcomely affected or tackled, while 27% experienced sexual assault.

Even if you never personally felt that you were physically unsafe, confident about the following actions (and what you can do to help yourself should the unfortunate circumstance ever happen).

In a research by the University of Oregon, women who attended a self-defense class thought they were like:

  • Introduced improved security techniques.
  • In the context of probable attack or abuse, individuals were more ready to cope with foreigners and individuals they knew.
  • Had a more pleasant body feeling.
  • Their self-confidence has risen by a mile.

Self Defense Techniques Every Women Should Know

The Self-defense technique for women is a must-needed thing. Concentrate your eyes, nose, throat, and crotch on your assailant’s weak spots to maximize the impact of all the steps below on one or more of these areas.

During execution, use all your might and aggression. Remember, you’re a strong lady. Use also your voice! Ya, Use your loud voice! Here are some techniques or moves every woman should know:

Strike Hammer

One of the easiest methods to defend yourself is to use your vehicle keys. But, unfortunately, you are more likely to hurt your hands and don’t utilize your fingernails.

Install your keys from one side of your hand to hammer hits if you’re feeling insecure while strolling throughout the night. Another technique of using your keys is to click on your attacker’s lanyard to swing.

To execute this technique:

  • Keep the Keyring firm like a hammer in your fist, with keys on the side of your hand.
  • Down to your destination.

Kick of the Groin

If somebody from the front is rushing to you, an escape kick might give your attackers reasonable force to paralyzed.

To perform this task:

  • Stabilize as best you can.
  • Lift your powerful leg off the ground and begin to push your knee up.
  • Extend your dominant leg, pull hips forward, lean back somewhat, and get stronger and get in touch with the attacker in the region.

Strike the Heel Palm

This may cause nasal or throat damage. To perform, get as far as possible before your adversary.

To Perform, follow the followings steps:

  • First, flex your wrist with the dominant hand.
  • Targeted either the nose of the attacker, jabbed from his nostrils, or below the chin of the attacker, jabbed up at his throat.
  • Ensure that your blow recoils. Then, snap the arm back and pull the assailant back and forth fast.
  • This will make it possible for your attacker to retreat and escape their clutches.

Strike of Elbow

If your assaulter is nearby and you can’t push or kick your elbows enough momentum.

Strikes of alternative elbow

You may be in a better position for variants of the Elbow strike according to how you stand when you are first assaulted.

The flight out of the ‘bear embrace.’

You will want to employ this technique for instances where the assailant comes from behind. But, again, concentrate on being little and making room for your freedom.

Get Escaped with Trapped Hands

If you are going from behind, if an attacker picks up your arms (it’s like a Bear hug, but you can’t move so quickly), this is what to do:

  • The first reaction should be to stop the arms of your adversary from getting higher. Next, shift to one side of your hips. This opens the ground with open hand slaps to blows.
  • Return your hand to your arms and lift your opposite elbow to the wrap. Keep your arms as you turn in tight to your chest.
  • Stay aggressive till you get disengaged with your knees and other counterattacks.

Side Headlock Escape

When your assaulter locks his arm from his side, you should not shock your initial impulse.

To be executed:

  • Turn to the side of the attacker to avoid getting hit.
  • Struck the crotch with open slaps, using your hand that is farther away so that you have enough freedom to withdraw your head.

How to Keep Safe If You Can’t Protect Yourself Physically

You can take these measures if you can’t manage an assaulter physically:

  • Stay in a bright public environment. Don’t go home to the masses or turn away. Instead, go to a business or a coffee shop and ask for assistance.
  • If you believe that you are at risk, locate a well-lit public space and contact 911 or your local emergency services.
  • Whether you’re using pepper spray, an alarm, or a lipstick taser, self-defense devices can help you feel more comfortable.

More ordinary things, such bags, short cases, umbrellas, telephones, pencils, books, or rocks, can likewise be used as weapons. Any blunt hitting, throwing, punching, or swinging can work well.

Best Self Defense Weapons For Women

How can you protect yourself against an attacker who is more significant if you’re not a strong woman?

Canitec recommends some essential equipment for women for their protection. Here are the instruments and weapons to defend women against a more substantial attacker.

Keychain Alarm

Personal keychain warnings are cost-effective and may be connected effortlessly in your backpack or bag to your keys. Alarm keys are tiny and available for around $10-15 online.

Personal alarm keychains generate a loud, high tone that others in the vicinity may hear. The benefit of an alarm key chain is that you create a rushing scenario for attention that doesn’t appeal to offenders during crimes.

Therefore, the predator’s condition is unpleasant, and it may prevent him from attacking or continuing.

Defender Ring

The daily ring is tiny, lightweight, and has a strong arm with which the skin is sliced, blood drawn, and the attacker’s DNA collected.

It is practical and convenient to the Defender Ring’s benefit. You will have to wear your self-defense weapon and never forgo bag or pocket space to carry it.

The ring is easily placed on your hand and maybe accessed instantly if you are assaulted abruptly. The blade weapon of Defender Ring connects and mounts on the fist, adding to your kicks and strikes a sharp blade aspect.

Cat Ears Keychains

Cat Ears Keychains are a simple, affordable way to give your everyday life some protection. The keychains of cat ears, which are the arms pointing towards this instrument, are precisely the way they are described.

Cat Ears Keychains benefit from their affordability and convenience. In a risky scenario, you can pick up the Cat Ears out of your purse, pull the keychain with your ears pointed out, and punch it in a way that adds pointing spikes.


Kubatons are defensive instruments formed like a tiny stick, similar to a pen or pencil, which you hold in your hand. A Kubaton might have pointy ends, little spikes, and other protective characteristics.

The Kubatons are typically made as keychains; thus, they are suddenly hazardous when linked to your keychain. They are accessible. Kubatons are cost-effective and a handy defense weapon that can be beneficial.

It might take some experience to hold and use a Kubaton for defensive purposes, as this is not a natural move. However, several methods combat an assailant with a Kubaton, such as holding it in your hand like a knife and keeping it on your thumb at the end.


Torches are an ordinary weapon for self-defense that might be beneficial to prevent an assault. A flashlight was created in 1899 and is a mobile handheld device that transmits light using a bulb and electricity.

You may also utilize a flashing light to distract the assailant from other persons, frighten the assailant. Compact, lightweight, and cheap flashlights can be. They are multipurpose and may be beautiful instruments for other than protective needs.

Pepper Spray

It allows the user to spray a warm blinding liquid into an offender’s eyes so that they may leave or ask for aid momentarily.

Capsaicin, the chemical deriving from chilies, is pepper spray liquid. This spray produces pain and temporary blindness on contact with human membranes, such as the eyes.

Stun Gun

Cops and police forces have turned Stun arms into a vital, less-lethal technique for subjugating the criminal without using death. Stun guns operate by transmitting electric Voltage into a culprit that briefly immobilizes him by muscle rendering.

A Knife

Since prehistoric times, knives have been around and are one of the first tools ever made. Cheap, efficient, and easy-to-use knives are ideal women’s self-defense weapons.

Either you want a tiny edge to carry every day or a giant hunting cup for protection; they exist in different forms and sizes. Moreover, they are cheap and easy to buy in person in a shop or online.

Bottom Line

In this uncertain world, you can never be too safe. So the most significant recommendation is always to be prepared with self-defense and mental weapons. Everything might happen anytime in any location, even if you are ready.

By equipping ourselves on the market with the most modern, practical, efficient, and effective defense weapons, we provide ourselves with the best chance of survival.