WOHOME 4.3″LCD HD Screen Peephole Viewer Review

WOHOME 4.3 LCD HD Screen Peephole Viewer Product Image

WOHOME, the company behind this product, seems to be making a comeback in style; With a modern, stylish and sleek design that hopes to lure the consumer with its aesthetics.

A commendable notion for sure, but will it keep the robber at bay, or even worse, will it draw him to your house?

And if the answer is yes, what function will it play in keeping him outside of your property?

These are all crucial questions that have to be answered, and this article will do its best to do the due diligence needed to pose relevant responses to the outlined inquires!

What are we waiting for? It’s time to throw down!


  • 4.3 Inches High Definition Display

WOHOME 4.3 LCD HD Screen Peephole Product ImageThis is where the word modern gets a new meaning; If you take a look at the right side of the screen, you’ll see five carefully curated buttons that are:

  1. Visible
  2. Responsive
  3. Big
  4. Not Clustered

This makes for a splendid user experience and is in my book one of the biggest reasons for buying this model.

  • Nightvision

You have to be able to discern who or what is meandering around your house at any point of the day.

You don’t want to mix a cat for a robber and vice versa!

  • Versatile Music Sounds

I like the menagerie of ringtones available as I can switch them up at will. My favorite thing to do is keep a jolly one during the day and darken it up a bit when the night falls!

  • Memory Storage Of Up To 32GB

Memory issues are a thing of the past as this model supports upgrades that let you film without hinderance for the weeks to come!

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The Advantages

  • Economically Feasible

I’m a deep lover of nature and always felt a strange yet alluring connection to the forest and mountains.

I would often shiver at the thought that one day, all that would become a shopping mall or a stadium, leaving thousands of animals to their inevitable demise.

This would have to be the first model that features an energy saving function and that is why it  would’ve made for a perfect addition to the Best Peephole Camera Reviews we’ve done, but sadly, it couldn’t make the list.

  • Turn The Doorbell Off!

I often found myself wondering what would have happened if a few urchins tried to play a prank on my house in the nick of night.

They weren’t breaking any rules, but it still would be a disturbance that would prompt me to go out of bed and that is the last thing I want to do after a long day.

The WOHOME enables you to simply turn off the doorbell sound and instead takes pictures and video footage of any pranksters, or heaven forbid, potential robbers!

  • Elongated Camera Angle

With 160 degrees of free movement, you won’t need thirteen cameras and fifteen alarm systems, as this camera covers them all!

The Disadvantages

  • Limited Control Over Recordings

I like to feel powerful and a quasi-mastermind of my own property and the surrounding area. That fact being a given, I was disappointed that the retracted footage didn’t let me edit or mute the sound of the recording.

This did put a bit of a damper on my sordid soul as various outdoor sounds can get annoying very quickly!

You can still tone down the sound, but it still doesn’t account for the fact that the entire footage is then less hearable.


All in all, a great model mostly recommended to younger people and those that harbor a deep sense of respect towards nature and the common good.

I hope to see minor tweaks and add-ons regarding the recordings, but that’s nothing major to cry about!

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