What Is White Phosphor Night Vision?

Night vision technology enables you to see in the dark. Be it binoculars, goggles, or any other night vision equipment; you may have come across the term white phosphor (WP) and green phosphor (GP). Whether you are considering buying the night vision device or you already have one, it is crucial for you to know what is white phosphor night vision, how it is different, and what role it has in the overall functionality of the device.

In terms of technology, new updates are rolled out to enhance user experience and functionality, and getting yourself equipped with the latest technology is the need of the hour. In the case of night vision, white phosphor technology is the newest development, and in some situations, it is preferred over green phosphor technology.

It’s high time that you know about the white phosphor night vision so that you are not left behind with the latest tools and equipment when it comes to night vision technology.

White phosphor night vision

Typically, most night vision devices use image intensifier tubes to project an image in the dark. There are two types of intensifier tubes that are being used for this purpose. These are known as the phosphor type P43 that displays a green image, whereas phosphor type P45 shows a white image for presentation.

In traditional night vision goggles, you may have seen that it shows the green image, and it is because the green color is considered as more receptive to human eyes and can easily differentiate between shades of green. On the other hand, the latest night vision devices are equipped with white phosphor technology, and it is considered as more efficient.

A white phosphor screen gives you a black and white sort of imagery, and due to the color scheme, white phosphor increases object recognition capability and provides better sensitivity. Brightness, contrast, and view in the dark, white phosphor is reported to give better results.

Similarities and differences between P43 (green) AND P45 (white)

P43 and P45 are night-vision technologies and help you see in the dark. As long as seeing in the dark is concerned, you may not need to worry about which phosphor tube is being used.

It is clear by now that P43 features a green image, whereas P45 gives you a black and white color scheme. It is important for you to know that green phosphor was there from the start while the white phosphor evolved when Gen 3 was introduced. However, now you can have both 2nd and 3rd generation products having white phosphor vision technology.

The color scheme is the only main difference you see between the two. While the white phosphor technology featured more benefits, it highly depends on an individual case which one is more suited to the eyes.

Though it is mainly subject to each user experience, both technologies help in enhancing visibility.

Advantages of white phosphor technology

White phosphor offers quite a few benefits over its traditional counterpart. The greyscale image tends to give more visual information to the human eyes as compared to the green color screen. Visual processing becomes better with white phosphor, and it allows you to make quick decisions as per the surrounding needs and requirements.

White phosphor acts better in the low light situation and even if there is no light. It gives you a crystal clear optical view so that you know what is happening in your surroundings. Plus, the white phosphor offers great visual acuity.

The transition from low light to the high light environment and vice versa often tends to create discomfort in the eyes. But with white phosphor, the transition experience becomes seamless and comfortable.

Moreover, the reason why we use night vision goggles is to get a clear view in the dark, and the white phosphor is what offers you better image quality, preciseness, and clarity. Furthermore, the white phosphor is widely accepted and is being used in today’s world for getting a clear picture during the dark.

Above all, using white phosphor does not cause eye strain, fatigue, or discomfort. You can use the device equipped with white phosphor vision for a more extended period of time without facing any kind of difficulty.


White phosphor is the developing technology in the field of night vision equipment, and you should know about it if you are ever going to use goggles, binoculars, or any other device having a night vision feature.

This article highlights all the important aspects, and by reading this, you will know all about what is white phosphor night vision.

Besides other specifications, it is crucial to check which intensifier tube is being used in the night vision device so that you can get the best as per your conditions and the requirements.