Where Do Fruit Flies Come From?

Not a single day passes when we don’t think about getting rid of fruit flies from our homes. But before we talk about eliminating the flies, one wonders where fruit flies come from and how we can avoid them in the first place.

It seems like fruit flies come out of nowhere, and they have decided to become a permanent member of our family. However, it’s not something that is tolerable for us at all. Not only do they create a nuisance and disturb our peace, but they also contaminate the food and other items with germs and bacteria, which in the long run may cause a severe health risk.

It’s important for all of us to know about these flies and how we can make sure we are not inviting them into our house.

Fruit flies

It’s not that fruit flies are showered from the sky; it is a quick breeding process that we see them in large numbers as one female fruit fly can lay up to 500 eggs at a single time. Rotten fruits and food waste are among the favorite places of fruit flies where they lay eggs.

Fruit flies are small in size, and they are attracted to garbage cans, drains, pantries, and cleaning mops. They are also attracted to rotten fruits, vegetables, and moist environments.

Where do the flies come from?

You may end up having fruit flies in your homes through different means and sources.

As you bring fruits to your home from the market, there is a chance that fruits flies are inside it already and you are taking them home with you.

The fruit flies tend to have a great sense of smell, and if you keep the food uncovered in your kitchen, flies from outside your home can smell it, and they will fly all the way inside to your house to have a piece. As they are small in size, it is not at all difficult for fruit flies to squeeze into your home.

Besides that, food waste, garbage cans, kitchen sink drains, and clutters are a few of the places where you will find the most flies, and not taking care of them will allow the flies to reproduce in large numbers.

The lifespan of fruit flies

On average, a fruit fly lives up to 30 to 40 days if not killed by anti-flies’ products. Though fruit flies do not have a long-life span, the quick reproduction process makes pest control quite challenging, and thus it requires you to be prepared for it.

Let’s now talk about some practical and effective ways to remove fruit flies from your house.

How to get rid of fruit flies?

Fruit flies are often seen flying over the trash can and crumbling fruits or vegetables. It would be better if you eliminate them before they start breeding. There are a few conducts, behaviors, and techniques that you can take beforehand. Preventive measures are crucial to avoid fruit flies coming into your house.

One of the best ways to eliminate fruit flies is to remove the source that attracts them in the first place. Cover your food items or store them in the refrigerator, do not keep it outside unattended.

Empty your garbage can regularly and ensure that it is clean. Also, wipe out your kitchen counters, dining tables, and wash drains properly. Ensure that there is no residue or leftover food in your house.

Take all the ripened fruits and vegetables out of your house. Flies will run away if they don’t get the food supply, and in this way, you can get rid of them without using any chemical spray or other products.

It would be best if you also blocked the entryways so that flies do not enter your house again. Install mesh screens on doors and windows, use flytrap, and set up bug zappers where you see the flies most.

Using apple cider vinegar is another helpful technique in this regard. All you have to do is set up a trap by adding vinegar in a glass, cover it with plastic wrap, and make some holes on the top. The smell of apple vinegar will attract the fruit flies, and they will go inside the glass but won’t be able to pop up outside from the holes.

If you still feel irritated and can’t control flies with any of the above methods, then you may apply fruit fly spray and eliminate all flies from the house.

Above all, keeping your house neat and clean by all means will not only keep the flies away from the house but also help you stay fit and healthy.


Remember that keeping the fruit flies out of your house is an ongoing process, and it’s not only the rotten fruits that flies are attracted to but also the decaying materials such as the sponges and mops. Stagnant water is another place where the fruit flies lay their eggs.

Now, as you are aware of where fruit flies come from, it’s your time to take measures if you want to get rid of them once and for all. Do read this article thoroughly and also share it with others so that we all can live peacefully in our homes.