What to Do If a German shepherd Attacks You

Not so common, but after hearing from the friend about the horrible incident that happened at his home, you are worried whether or not you should pet a dog, let alone the German shepherd. You must have got an idea from the title, but here is what we are talking about; a German shepherd attacking his owner.

Being a dog owner, no one wants their dog to turn on them in any case, and if you have a German shepherd breed, you will never want to indulge in a fight considering how strong and powerful a German shepherd is.

But, with all these thoughts, German shepherds are human-friendly, loving, passionate and put their lives in danger when it comes to the security and protection of the owner. So much so that the German shepherd is among the most popular breed to have by your side and is the preferred choice of people all over the world.

In rare cases, what to do if a German shepherd attacks you; this is something that worries all of us. Normally it does not happen, but when German shepherds are facing mental issues, or you are not taking good care, German shepherds may turn out to be violent.

Whatever the case is, here we will see why it happens and what we can do if a German shepherd ever attacks us. While taking good care and building a strong connection with our German shepherd, we should be prepared for the situation in any way.

Why does my German shepherd attack me?

Even though you have a good relationship with your shepherd, they might turn you down, and there can be multiple reasons for this behavior. Understanding this is important for all so that we can analyze the situation beforehand and try to calm down the shepherd before they initiate the attack.

Moreover, German shepherd personalities and their tolerance level might change with their age. So, you have to determine the reason for their aggressive behavior and try to give behavior modification training accordingly. Let’s now explore the possible reasons that make a German shepherd attack you.

No bite inhibition training

In the early years of their life, German shepherds are trained for a number of things, and one such training is known as bite inhibition which allows them to learn how to use their mouth in a gentle manner. Usually, the puppy’s mother trains them in this behavior. This is why it is suggested that you should not separate the puppies from their mother until they are 6 to 8 months old. Additionally, you can also train puppies using different techniques, but it will take time, and you have to be consistent with your efforts.

For any reason, if your German shepherd is not properly trained at an early age, he can put you in danger in adulthood. How the German shepherd is raised as a puppy will have an impact on their behavior all their life.

Resource guarding

Usually, the German shepherd turns aggressive and attacks you when you try to force them out for something they don’t really like. The same happens when you come near their food and toys. In the same manner, if you come to their resting place or try to disturb them when they are resting, they are going to bark and might attack as well.

This happens when you don’t spend time and don’t have a good understanding of your shepherd.

Boredom and lack of exercise

A German shepherd is a large breed, and they are naturally made strong. Having athletic behavior, they need regular exercise to burn out their energy. Confinement with the same routine and lack of exercise often creates boredom and makes them feel irritated. This causes the shepherd to behave abruptly and might attack you if not taken care of.

Health issues

German shepherds can act abnormally and might attack you when they are feeling pain or suffering from any kind of illness. The health can turn any creature aggressive, and German shepherds are not behind.

Similarly, mental health is another rising issue in German shepherds. There might be something disturbing them and affecting their behavior badly.

What can you do if a German shepherd attacks you?

German shepherds are not dangerous, given that they are adequately trained. Preparing yourself for the worst situation, all dog owners should be aware of how they can protect themselves in this scenario and what else they can do to calm down the German shepherd.

Remember that the German shepherd shows signs before they attack you. This includes sudden harsh behavior, gnashing their teeth, not following your commands, snarling, and barking. If you notice any of these, you should be prepared for the situation.

Sometimes, your behavior towards the German shepherds can help them calm down, and in this way, you can avoid the fight. When you notice any of these signs, try to understand what is causing them to act this way and resolve the matter peacefully.

If, in any case, you are faced with a German shepherd, here is what to do.

Stay calm, do not fight back, avoid eye contact, and keep yourself protected by slowly going out of sight. Do not let the German shepherd grab onto you; instead, ignore the shepherd. Soon you will see the dog lose interest in attacking and calm down or move back on its own.

If you freak out, try to run away, or fight back, the German shepherd will see it as a challenge and will surely attack you. So, do not run, but try to slowly move from the place.

While you move, do not make a noise, and see if you find any hard object to place as a barrier or to use as a shield.

Remain still and quiet, place a barrier if you can, and wait for the German shepherd to lose interest.

Once you are over with it, do not punish the German shepherd, but try to identify the reason behind their action and then take appropriate steps. Take your German shepherd to the veterinarian if required or seek help from a professional trainer for behavior modification.


Due to the strong build, tough, and vigilant behavior, the German shepherd has the ability to kill their opponents; however, this is not something that we usually see. But German shepherds are seen as a violent breed, and you can come out to be their rival in one way or another. Handling an attack requires you to stay calm and defensive rather than panicking and harming the dog in return.

German shepherds are known for their loyalty, love, and care. Build a connection and try to understand their behavior if they act unusually. Having said that, it’s always a good idea to know what you can do if you ever face a fight. Let us know if your German shepherd has ever attacked you and how you have dealt with it.