What is RFID lock system

Door locks act as the first line of defense against robberies, theft, and vandalism. However, conventional locks and padlocks are no longer effective as the intruders have developed tricks and techniques using which they can easily get through it.

As a result, using regular padlocks for security is taken as a vulnerable point. The key lock system becomes the easiest to crack as you can easily get a duplicate key. Access control and management for any building must be ensured in order to provide maximum security and protection.

Luckily, the locking system has also evolved over time, and now we have a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) system, which we often call a smart card locking system.

It sounds amazing by the name, so let’s get to know better about what an RFID lock system is, how it works, and what benefits it has over other locking mechanisms. After all, it is concerned with our security and therefore, we must know the recent development in this regard and keep ourselves updated with the latest and advanced tools and systems.

RFID lock system

RFID is the digital locking system that takes radio frequency as the key to lock and unlock the system. Unlike swipe cards, RFID doesn’t require you to make contact with a reader as the data is transferred through radiofrequency. However, the RFID system requires a few components to function at its best. It includes RFID tags, antennas, an RFID reader, and a transceiver.

How does the RFID lock system work

RFID lock is integrated with a microchip that contains the user’s information that helps the system to uniquely identify the data. As you come near to the tag reader, it locates the info on an RFID chip and sends it over to the access control system for authorization. Based on the information, the system will verify, and if it is accepted, the door will open automatically, or else it will deny the request.

RFID lock system being the most secure, is used for a wide variety of applications. Mainly you will see the use of it in hotels, gyms, hospitals, banks, businesses firms, and other commercial buildings. Nowadays, it is also being used for home security.

In addition, to be used for security purposes, the RFID system alone has many different uses that include tracking people, items and making contact-free payments.

Advantages of RFID lock system

The reason why the RFID lock system is becoming so popular is because of the advantages it offers over other locking systems. Want to know more about it? Read the benefits discussed below.

Contact-less system : At times when we are faced with challenges like covid-19, the no-contact locking system is no less than a blessing. There is no need to swipe any card or touch anything; all it is needed is proximity. When you come near the door, the system will work automatically, and if you are authorized, the door will open itself.

Convenient and secure : No need to take care of the old keys now, as you don’t have to do anything; it makes it convenient for users to go through the doors without any disruption. Not only it saves time, but it also provides you easy access.

Other than that, the RFID door lock system is more secure. Unlike swipe cards, you cannot create a duplicate containing RFID tags. Plus, the cards used in the RFID system are highly encrypted, and therefore you cannot intercept or get access to it in any way.

Easy configuration : Going digital brings several benefits, and allowing easy configuration is one of them. No need to cut or create new keys, whether it is assigning a new card to someone or deactivating it, all can be done easily through a system.

Diversity : RFID chips can easily be integrated at different points such as key fobs, id badges, etc. the same goes for RFID readers; you will find different designs that can be used at a variety of places. It can be fitted into different size doors without any problem.

Prevent unauthorized access : With traditional keys and lock systems, it is easier for anyone to intervene and bypass the system, but when it comes to the RFID system, you cannot get access until and unless you are authorized by the system. Forget about getting intruders; by deactivating the card, you can also stop authorized persons from accessing the door in case it is required. Thus, an RFID locking system is best if you are looking for better access control.

Cost-effective : As the RFID system allows easy configuration, you can reprogram it whenever you want. Even if you want to update card readers, you don’t need to update a whole system. Similarly, if keys are required for a large number of people, getting the old key for every person can turn out to be inexpensive, whereas getting RFID cards is cheap and easy to make amendments if required.

Limitations of RFID lock system

Though there are multiple benefits of using an RFID lock system, there are certain limitations as well. Keeping this in mind will allow you to take proactive measures for security, and therefore, it is necessary that you know it.

Proximity plays a crucial role in the RFID lock system. For this, do check the system that when you are walking by, it’s not unlocking the doors.

Secondly, when there are too many RFID readers in close proximity, the signal interference might create problems in the overall functionality and working of the system.


Besides locking and unlocking the door, the RFID system provides complete access control and management, which otherwise is very much difficult. Using advanced technology for the purpose of security is for your own benefit. Knowing the RFID lock system will allow you to use and implement this at your home, office, or at any other place you want in a better way. Going through this article will let you know what an RFID lock system is and how it can be used for your benefit.