What Attracts Burglars to Homes?

Do you know you are inviting burglars to your home? Yes, you have read it right.

As much as people are conscious about home security and protection, the more they tend to make mistakes which attracts burglars to homes. It includes several habits which otherwise looks normal to everyone, but maybe not in the eyes of burglars for a period of time, and it may attract burglars.

In today’s world where the rate of theft and robberies are increasing day by day, investing in home security has become an essential part of life. But is it safe to only rely on security equipment and tools?

To reduce the risk of getting robbed or to prevent someone from breaking into your house, you need to see the root cause of the problem, and that is your regular habits that attract burglars to homes. As a result, you put yourself, your family, and your home in danger unintentionally.

We all know that burglars do not try to break into the house all of a sudden. Instead, they come with proper planning. It is you who gives signals to the burglars unknowingly.

What are those habits, routines, and practices that attract burglars to homes, and what can you do about it? We are here to address these questions so that you don’t invite burglars to homes and keep yourself, your family, and the house safe and secure.

After going through this article, you will know precisely what you are doing wrong that’s attracting burglars to homes despite having the security system installed.

Knowing the exact problem solves half of the problem, and for that reason, this article is a lifesaving article for you.

What Invites Burglars to Homes?

As we already talked about earlier, it is our habits that give signals to the burglars, and they try to break in to our houses. Let’s go into detail and find out what are those ways and conducts which attracts burglars to homes.

Ease of access

We already know about it, but what makes the burglars think this house gives you easy access? The doors and windows are the first points burglars notice about the house. If you let them unattended or you have put in the vulnerable locks; it becomes easier for burglars to bypass it. As a result, it gives them easy access to your home.

No lights

Burglars tend to come during the night hours. Having no light is a clear signal to the burglars that there might be no one in the house, and they can easily get in and take whatever they want. It also allows the burglars to break in to the house unnoticed, and similarly, it helps them run away quickly.

Using Conventional Keypad Locks

Doors and windows are protected by the locks, and it all depends on the quality of the locks that makes the house safe. Using old method key locks are no longer helpful in this matter as they are easy to break with just a smash. Burglars now have tools that help them break the conventional locks in seconds.

In the same way, a tangible key is itself a vulnerability. People often place it under the doormat or under the rock when going outside the house. Burglars are very well aware of such practices, and thus, it highly attracts burglars to homes.

Low security

Home security is a must nowadays. Having no security system installed in your home gives a clear signal and attracts burglars to homes. Similarly, having low security with outdated security tools and equipment becomes easier for burglars to dodge it and thus attracts them to homes. No sign of security is a clear indication that the house will be an easy target for them, and they can go unharmed.

Overgrown Lawn

Untidy landscape or overgrown grass also makes it sound like there is no one at home. Thus, it highly attracts burglars to homes.

Similarly, if you are leaving trash outside or not clearing out the garbage cans is also a signal that makes the burglars think that there is no one at home for a long time and therefore they try to break in to the house.

Overuse of social media

You might be thinking, how come using social media attracts burglars to homes? On the other hand, it is one of the major causes that invite intruders to your homes. Sharing your daily routine and announcing when you are going for holidays let the burglars know a lot about you and your home, and so it highly attracts them towards your home.

What Can We Do to Not Attract Burglars to Homes?

There is nothing that we cannot achieve if we take the right set of measures. In this case, there are a few changes we have to make in our habits and routines so that we do not become a reason to attract burglars to our homes.

Firstly, make sure that you are using the smart locks, or if feasible, try to use keyless locks; they are more secure and reliable. Other than that, install security cameras and an alarm system so that you can get an instant alert when someone tries to enter in the house.

Use smart motion detection lights; it is one of the best ways to keep the burglars away from your home. The smart lights turn on automatically when it detects a movement, and the burglars will definitely run away as they don’t want to get caught red-handed.

Do not ever leave the doors and windows unlocked, especially when you are going outside; give special attention to sliding doors and galleries.

Do not advertise all on social media; you can post the holiday photos after returning home. Similarly, don’t show off your valuable items. The burglars may notice it, and they will try everything in their hand to steal them from you.

If you are not sure whether you can follow any of the tips given here, then at least spend on a quality automated home security system. You can get a complete package of home security that will include cameras, lights, sensors, and all, but do not forget to go for quality rather than thinking about saving a few bucks.


After all, it is about your security, and this article will surely help you in knowing what you are doing wrong that is attracting burglars to your homes. This article has also highlighted a few tips which you can follow in order to avoid attracting burglars to homes.

As mentioned earlier, this article is lifesaving for you if you are serious about your home security.