What Are Tree Farms Used For?

Ever wondered what would happen if there were no wood left in the world? It’s difficult to imagine because everything is about to change dramatically. A few decades ago, the fear of the deficiency of wood led to the concept of tree farms. The 26th President of the United States, Theodore Roosevelt’s statement at a meeting of the American Forest Congress on the predictability of timber famine was alone enough to raise the concern faced by the world.

To attain sustainability and to meet the growing demand for timber across the world, the idea of tree farms was introduced to the public, and due to this, today, we are able to use wood as we want for a wide variety of tasks and projects. The paper you use to take notes on, thanks to the tree farms that were able to fulfill the requirements of paper companies.

Other than that, forest devastation in case of fire, soil erosion, floods, and waste of natural resources all these factors played a role in the formation of tree farms.

Tree farms

Considering the above factors and to utilize the private land in the best possible manner, the idea of a tree farm was launched to grow more and more trees on the ground and keep it protected from fire, insects, and other disasters. Hundreds of acres of land were dedicated for the purpose across the United States followed by other prominent countries of the world.

Different countries have their own bodies regulating and standardizing the tree farm industry and making sure that they are being protected and well managed.

In order to get a certification from American Tree Farm System, you have to meet certain criteria, of which major points include that you must have a management plan, check on water quality, wildlife habitat, and sustainable harvest levels.

Benefits of tree farms

Boosting the nation’s economy by the production of forest products, tree farms played a significant role in overall world’s conditions and the environment. The tree farms bring numerous benefits along with them, some of which are discussed below.

A better environment

This goes without saying that planting millions of trees is going to result in an improved environment. The more trees planted, the more they will consume carbon dioxide and will produce fresh oxygen. You will notice a significant change in your health and lifestyle once you get access to pure air and surroundings. Other than that, soil erosion will be reduced to maximum, allowing soil stability and will improve underground water levels.

Creating beautiful and scenic green belts, a tree farm offers an aesthetic view that pleases your eyes and provides you comfort and relief. All in all, a tree farm can provide you with a relaxing living atmosphere and also improve the overall environment.

Production of wood and other resources

Each and every part of a tree can be used and recycled in one way or another. A tree farm expanding on acres of land will provide enough supply of wood and other natural resources that will be sufficient for your requirements, and you don’t have to import them in order to fulfill your needs. The production of natural resources at such a large scale brings us to our next benefit on the list.

Economic development

Creating bundles of opportunity for different businesses and trades, the growth of tree farms is directly going to impact economic development in several ways. Providing you with tons of natural resources, it reels down to many other different industries such as the construction of roads, building recreational spots and grounds, increase in wildlife population, and providing more food, all this led to economic growth and advancement.


As you can see from the benefits that tree farms are used for multiple purposes, and considering the profit, it is encouraged to grow more farm trees. While the motive behind the tree farm may differ from person to person, we all can take the benefits out of it in the long term.

If you are planning to start a tree farm of your own, consider the trees that grow faster, require less care or maintenance, and produce high valued products. In this way, you will be able to gain more profits in a shorter period of time.