The VueBell Outdoor Wired Doorbell Camera Review

VueBell Outdoor Wired Doorbell Camera and Wireless Indoor Chime Product Image

What has VueBell got for us in stock this time around?

The outside appearance doesn’t really tell us much about the inner workings; A simple touch button, speakers and a LED indicator are the standard equipment for a peephole camera.

What did pique my interest was the movement sensor located on the top right corner, as it indicates that his model isn’t as bland technologically speaking, as it is in its appearance.

I’m excited to see what sort of treasures the VueBell hides underneath the clandestine exterior!


  • Motion Detection

Every time a person or an unidentified subject step on your perimeter and doesn’t ring the bell, the device automatically snaps a mugshot of the perpetrator.

It might have been just a simple passerby, but who knows, it could have also been a potential robber scoping his next target.

  • Supports Nightvision

Don’t let the night obfuscate the robber’s face as the nightvision function enables you to see their visage even in the darkest of nights!

  • Compatible With The Cloud

VueBell Outdoor Wired Doorbell Camera Mobile Application

Never worry about memory capacity ever again as with the cloud, you’ll be able to store all of your previously shot footage on a private server.

It’s an optional choice that comes with a small monthly fee attached, you are the one to decide whether or not it is needed for your type of environment.

  • Easy To Install

I’ve known this from the moment the package came to me as the instruction manual simply stated to remove my old doorbell and attach the VueBell.

As I was searching for information regarding the mounting process, I was taken aback by the fact that the VueBell was completely compatible with the existing wiring.

Perfectly suited for those that don’t have any technical expertise!

The Advantages

  • You’ll Never Guess How Nimble The Camera Is!

VueBell Outdoor Wired Doorbell Camera InstalledTrack intruders from all angles imaginable with a respectable 185-degree angle camera!

This is by far the most flexible camera I’ve had the pleasure to work with and it has made my purchase of this product that much better!

Even if a robber were to attack from the skies, or go as far as to dig a tunnel underground, you would be completely aware of it.

I’m stretching it a bit, but still, you would have to see the camera for yourself in order to understand my enthusiasm!

  • Zoom In On The Suspect

With the ability to make things up to eight times closer than they really are, you’ll never be in doubt when it comes to discerning the potentially harmful items someone’s trying to conceal.

I would always find myself at a stretch to let someone in or not, but now, this was no longer an issue.

All thanks to the amazing zoom-in function of the VueBell!

  • The Audio Comes Right From The Movies

Did you know that the VueBell features an AAC audio transmitter as well as a built-in loudspeaker?

Well, now you know and to top it all off, when communicating with someone from the outside, you’ll never have to wonder what the hell he is trying to tell you or vice versa.

Amazing value!

The Disadvantages

  • You’ll Have To Carefully Tinker With The Settings

The first time I had witnessed the VueBell in action was a bit of a disappointment for everyone involved.

I was surprised at the lack of pixels on the picture shown in the snapshots and was wondering whether all the ‘High Definition’ babble was just a marketing spiel?

After playing with the settings for a bit, a huge load of my mind was taken as I realized that the video quality was at ‘Auto’

After adjusting it to ‘HD’, the output finally became crystal clear!


An all-around great model, with something to offer for everyone involved.

Not only will you be able to speak uninterruptedly with the person standing outside, your interlocutor will have no troubles hearing your voice!

You will have to play with the VueBell for a bit to really get it to perform at the highest gears, but it is more than worth it!

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