Ubiquiti Home Security Overview and Pricing

Combining different aspects of the latest technology and equipment, Ubiquiti has come up with a network solution for home security that talks about the future. It has designed an actual versatile application network operating system consisting of network, protect and access applications.

Home security has never been at this level that is introduced by the Ubiquiti home security. You can customize your IT operations and network security as per your requirement.

Ubiquiti presents UniFi Protect for home security that integrates Ubiquiti’s surveillance camera and video management system for UniFi cameras and other security tools and products.

Since it has been introduced, the Ubiquiti home security system has shaken the world with its advanced tech security systems and is among the best home security providers.

Ubiquiti Home Security Overview

If you are looking to find out more about the Ubiquiti security system, this article is for you. Here, we are going to see Ubiquiti home security overview and pricing. Reading this piece of information will allow you to get a better understanding of the system and how much it costs overall.

Ubiquiti Network

Ubiquiti is a brand that designs and produces wireless data communication products. It has a wide range of products specifically made for security, safety and protection.

UniFi Protect

The UniFi Protect for home security is a collection of network devices and a software controller to manage, control and monitor all operations wherever required.

By using the UniFi Protect system, you can manage all security devices, watch live streams, do recordings, and also configure the connected devices to set their specific parameters as per the situation, such as smart detection option, recording settings, etc.

Components Needed to Use UniFi Protect

As it is a complete system, you need a few devices to make it run successfully.

Firstly, you need an UniFi OS console that is used to manage your cameras and for storing the footages. Protect cannot be installed on third-party operating systems, and this is what makes it reliable, secure and efficient.

Some of the compatible OS consoles include:

Besides that, you need one or more security cameras compatible with Ubiquiti UniFi Protect. Keep in mind that no third-party cameras can work with the Protect UniFi system.

Some of the best compatible cameras for this purpose are:

Besides the camera, one unique quality of UniFi Protect is the smart detection system. It is common for any other security device to generate a false alarm, but with the UniFi smart detection system, it can detect familiar objects such as persons, pets or vehicles. In this way, you will receive alerts based on the smart recognition system.

Other than that, for storage, you will need a well-matched hard disk drive and Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) source or Wi-Fi source, depending on the type of devices you choose.

Quick Features of UniFi Protect Cameras

Though the cameras are designed and built with distinct features and capabilities, there are some standard features that you will find in all Ubiquiti UniFi Protect cameras. These standard features are discussed below. Other than that, resolution, connectivity, size and such other features are different for each security camera.

Privacy: You can place cameras by checking the horizontal field of view, keeping in mind the privacy factor. Plus, on-site data protection ensures no data is leaked to unauthorized persons.

Bandwidth conscious: Using Wi-Fi devices will not have an effect on internet bill as the devices are bandwidth conscious and it conserves it while it is in use.

Time-lapsing: No need to look at hours of recordings when you can easily and quickly move forward or backwards and check through the key moments.

Multiple connections: You can connect one or more devices together to get a better view, and it will also help you in control, management and monitoring.

Remote access: You don’t need to be present at the venue to manage the camera devices as UniFi Protect cameras allow remote access. You can download and install Protect mobile app for free to get hold of your security system. You can also access UniFi Protect through a web application.

No subscription fees: No recurring costs is one of the most important factors in the eyes of customers as you don’t need to pay any monthly or annual charges.

Below, you will see a table mentioning some of the pros and cons of using the Ubiquiti UniFi Protect system in general.

Pros Cons
High-quality solution It might not work effectively with third party products
Easy to set up and use
Wireless connection
Stable and reliable product
Offers a great value
Multiple features and settings
Smooth user experience
The convenience of cloud access

Ubiquiti Home Security Pricing

Given the latest features, functions and characteristics, people who have deployed and used this system believe that the prices are reasonable and it is a one-time investment as there are no hidden subscription charges involved.

As far as software licensing or maintenance fees is concerned, Ubiquiti does not change it, and you will see that it is set at $1,792 from the start. Other than that, the price may vary based on the number of the product you choose and the services you want to receive. Whatever it is, the price is justified as per the result you get from Ubiquiti home security.


An advanced system with high-quality features at a reasonable price, Ubiquiti has been able to pull off a security system that many companies have tried but remains unsuccessful. The wide variety of security products allows you to choose the one that suits the best as per your specific set of requirements. Combined with Ubiquiti software, the system works at its best and gives you a sense of security and peace of mind.

Ubiquiti has introduced an innovative solution to your security problems, and with the features it offers, it is worth the money.