Types of Padlocks Described

Be it your office, home, garage, or any other place; you need a padlock for securing doors and windows. A padlock is an effective way of securing a particular area, and that is why it is being used for years. However, just like other products and equipment, padlocks have also experienced a change in design and development with time, and now you have several types of padlocks available for sale.

Compact size, portability, and strength are a few of the features that make padlocks the best locking device to be used to prevent theft, unauthorized access, and vandalism.

From gym lockers to schools and hotels, padlocks are now being used in a wide array of applications that introduces us to different types of padlocks. Padlocks are divided into different types with distinct features and qualities so that a specific padlock can be used for meeting a particular requirement.

Having a particular type of padlock ensures greater security and provides you peace of mind and a sense of security and protection.

Though the different types of padlocks have made our life more secure, knowing which type is best for your requirement is important. As not everyone is aware of the types of padlocks available, this article briefly describes the most common types of padlocks that we can use for security.

Getting to know about it is crucial for all of us as we all have something to protect, and there will be a day that we have to choose the padlock for our needs. Therefore, stick to this article and get yourself informed about the types of padlocks.

Closed shackle padlocks

The most found lock you will see is the closed shackle padlock. It consists of a hardcore shackle enclosed in a body that makes it hard for cutting and pulling. The shackle padlock usually has keys to operate that are used to open and close the shackle. Closed shackle padlocks are used for high-security applications.

Long shackle padlocks

Contrary to closed shackles, long shackle padlocks have an extended shackle that makes it feasible to be used where there is a huge locking area. However, as the shackle is exposed, it does not provide high security, and it will be easy to bypass it with bolt cutters or saws.

Straight shackle padlocks

Fitting in uniquely, straight shackle padlocks are commonly called shutter padlocks. Offering a high-security solution, these locks are mostly used for hasps, shipping containers, and roller doors. Ease of fitment and high efficiency are the qualities shutter padlocks are known for. You can get straight shackle padlocks in various sizes and build material.

Discus padlocks

Discus locks are generally small in size and offer high-security protection against any type of attack. A unique circular shackle design, discus padlocks are popular to be used for outdoor applications.

Weatherproof padlocks

Made from hardened steel material, weatherproof padlocks are made explicitly with non-corrosive substances so that they can withstand outside factors such as rain or snow. Most of the weatherproof padlocks also consist of a keyway cover cap to keep it protected from outdoor elements.

Combination padlocks

The types mentioned above mostly have a key locking system, whereas keyless locking system padlocks are also popular and are being used at various places. One such type of padlock is known as the combination padlock. You set a combination pattern to unlock the padlock.

You can change the combination code or give temporary and permanent access to as many persons as you need to. This lock doesn’t require you to have a key at all, the only thing you need to know is the combination code, and you are good to go.

Keyed alike padlocks

Keeping hold of several keys at a time is a difficult task, and you might lose some keys in between; what if you have a single key for the different locks at a place? Yes, we have the padlocks that are known as the keyed alike padlocks. With a single key, you can open several keyed alike padlocks. It is suitable for homes; however, it does not ensure high-level security. If the key is compromised, all locks can be unlocked easily.

Smart padlocks

In an era of smart technology, we now have smart padlocks as well. With different features and specs, smart padlocks offer a high level of security and are used for versatile applications. Smart padlocks use fingerprints or a pin code for locking/unlocking the padlock.

It also allows you to integrate the padlock with your smartphone and control it via an application.

Smart padlocks offer several other benefits such as temporary access control, accessibility, convenience, remote connectivity options, and above all, an enhanced level of security.


Security and protection are the top priority for everyone, and padlocks, in this case, play a vital role. Having information about the types of padlocks will allow you to choose the best padlock for your necessity and requirements.

This article has talked about the different types in detail; all you need is to go through it carefully and share it with others so that we all can ensure top security by choosing the best type of padlock for our needs.