How to Tell If Your TV Has a Hidden Camera

More often, the most important conversations, private meetings, or discussions took place in a TV lounge. Besides that, specified meeting rooms in offices, government buildings, and in other institutions, you have a dedicated TV usually mounted on a wall. We are telling you this because you might be spied on with a hidden camera on your TV.

Though hidden cameras are used for monitoring and discreet surveillance, if it lands in the wrong hands, it can be used for illegal purposes. Leaking out your personal information or recorded videos to thieves and burglars will put you at risk. Other than that, they will see when you are not at home, and taking advantage of that, may rob in the house.

The same goes for workplaces and other private meeting venues where sensitive or confidential information is being discussed or shared.

Thus, it is crucial that you know if your TV has a hidden camera or not.

Though there are quite a few ways to find hidden cameras, not all of them work for TV. This article is going to let you walk through the way if you want to know how to tell if your TV has a hidden camera.

How to detect hidden camera in a TV

From your apartments, hotel rooms, Airbnb to your bedroom, TVs are everywhere, and thus there is a probability that you are being watched with a hidden camera installed in your TV. It doesn’t matter where you are; one must know how to detect hidden cameras, and below, we are going to explore some quick ways to do it.

Scan the unit

The hidden camera is placed in such a way that it serves the purpose of recording without any blind area. Therefore, the camera is placed strategically so that it seems invisible to you. Considering this, we can say that the camera might be placed in the outer body of the TV, typically facing towards the front where the activity is going to take place.

With a thorough inspection of the body, there is a high chance that you will find the camera lens disguised as a body case, the camera lens is going to be small in size, and you will be able to detect only if you check it with concentration.

If you find any inclement in the case or feel it differently, you can remove the case and make certain if there is a hidden camera or not.

Turn off the lights

Other than inspecting the TV closely, there are other few methods that you can use to help you tell if your TV has a hidden camera. One way of checking is to close all lights in a room because the camera may blink a green or red light when working, and you might spot it easily in the dark.

In addition to that, use a flashlight or torch and point it towards your TV. If you see any reflection, the TV might have a hidden camera.

Use mobile phone

A mobile phone can be used to detect hidden cameras in a number of ways. One way of doing this is to make a call and take your phone near to the TV. If there is a camera hidden, it will distort the signal and will make a wheezing sound. You can notice the sound upon listening carefully.

The other way of using the smartphone to detect hidden cameras in your TV is by downloading the hidden camera detector apps. There are several apps available on both the Android operating system and iOS. You can check here for the best hidden camera detector apps to download.

Professional camera detector

If you are unable to locate the hidden camera and still have doubts about its presence, go for professional hidden camera detectors. The device is specifically used for detecting hidden cameras, and as you move it around the place, it will generate a sound if it detects any bugging device. Professional camera detectors are easy to use and, in most cases, give accurate and precise results.


Though TVs are getting thinner and thinner in shape and size, it is still possible that they might have the hidden camera installed, and you should be aware of the ways to identify and tell if your TV has a hidden camera.

Information provided in this article is helpful for everyone, and therefore, you must share it so that we are all informed and can spot the hidden camera easily.