How to Stop German shepherd Puppy from Biting?

You may find it funny at times when a German shepherd puppy bites but believe me; you don’t want to experience it when the puppy is fully grown. Biting or nipping is a common habit among dogs, but it can turn out to be dangerous for everyone once the puppy is grown into an adult. Most dog owners are worried about this problem; however, this is not out of the question and can be resolved easily.

Habits are developed in the early years, no matter the dog’s breed. If you can stop a German shepherd puppy from biting, you will not have to worry about this problem when it grows. This encouraged us to consider how to prevent a German shepherd puppy from biting. If you are in a similar situation and have tried different techniques but failed, you are just about to get it right. This article is going to explain what makes German shepherd puppies bite and how you can stop this at an early stage. So, give it a read and let us know what you think about it.

Why do German shepherd puppies bite?

Puppies are innocent; they are not aware of the good habits and the bad habits. This is why training is conducted at this stage, as whatever they learn during this time will stay in their mind all their life.

There can be any reason for which puppies’ bite so much, but you have to make sure they leave behind this behavior after some time. However, in order to quit this behavior, you must first understand what causes it. Most of the time, puppies bite because they are developing teeth, and they feel pain around them. Moreover, they develop this habit when they are encouraged to bite in the early days. Not having proper training as pups is one of the significant causes behind German shepherds’ biting.

Besides, German shepherds are naturally strong and intelligent. They might have a strong prey drive, and they like to explore different things with their mouth; all this makes puppies develop biting behavior.

Not only can German shepherds turn to their owners, but they also bite visitors, toys, and other household items.

These are all reasons that make us think of ways to stop them from biting once and for all.

Ways to stop German shepherd puppy from biting

Remember that once the puppy is grown up with this habit, it will become almost impossible for you to stop it from biting. So, the earlier you take steps, the better it is for all. So, let’s now see how you can stop it the right way.

Observe their behavior

Wondering why it is important to stop puppies from biting? Because if you don’t know the reason behind it, how can you make them stop? If it is because of growing teeth, it is completely normal, and let them do it for the time being. But if they have developed it as a habit, you need to be aware of it, and it signifies that you need to train your puppy in this regard.

Positive reinforcement training

Biting is a natural instinct for German shepherds’ puppies; unless you teach, how would they know if it is good or bad. Positive reinforcement training is an integral part of disciplining a German shepherd puppy, and you have to add to it how you can stop puppies from biting.

As said earlier, if you don’t teach puppies about good and bad behavior, they will never know about it. So, let them know that biting is intolerable. Say a clear “No” when the puppy tries to bite at your hand. You will do this with the help of positive reinforcement training that includes teaching basic commands, body signals and helping them understand the differentiation between good and bad.


It is another effective method to let them know biting is not good at all. Whenever they come to bite, offer them something good. It can be a toy or any other thing that your puppy likes. ​In this way, they will slowly understand that biting is unacceptable. There is a range of chew toys available that you can try to begin with. Instead of biting your hands or household items, offer them chewing toys to bite.

Stop playing games

As a part of growing up, playing games with German shepherd puppies is important, so much so that you should make it a routine. Having said that, you can use this to stop puppies from biting. How? Stop the game when a puppy bites you while playing. The purpose is to give a signal to the puppy that biting is not acceptable, and it is because of this you are not playing with him. Eventually, the puppy will understand your message and will end the biting practice.

Teach control

Consider yourself a teacher and puppy as a student who knows nothing about behavior. Physical exercise and games are perfect for teaching a variety of things such as self-control, obedience, and, above all, improving mental health and capabilities. This will help the puppy to remain calm and ultimately curb undesired behavior that includes biting.

Bite inhibition also involves teaching puppies to be gentle. Use any technique you like; however, puppies learn the most while playing games either with other puppies or with you, the owner.


Do not let the biting habit be permanent. With proper training, teaching self-control, and rewarding good behaviors, you can curb the biting habit once and for all. However, you must realise that breaking any habit in a single day is difficult. It will take some time, and you must be persistent in your efforts.

German shepherd puppies are fast learners, and you will see how they adapt themselves to your routine and follow your command. Treat them right, provide adequate training, and you will have an obedient adult German shepherd in no time.