How to Stop German shepherd From Barking?

Having loud vocals, barking is a hidden secret that German shepherds use to keep the burglars and thieves away from your home. But, sometimes, the German shepherds develop the habit of barking, and they do it all the time.

Petting a dog is common, and with versatile qualities, a German shepherd is a preferred choice for many. Having a dog by your side should make you feel comfortable, relaxed, and protected. A German shepherd can be the best guard dog and as well as a compassionate partner. However, if they bark without any reason and do not stop from this practice, it is going to make your life miserable. You will not be able to focus on your work at all, and in addition, you may suffer from headaches because of continuous barking.

A German shepherd barks a lot, mostly because of lack of training in early years; however, there can be other reasons as well. Whatever it is, a German shepherd should be a source of comfort rather than creating a nuisance.

With time, we all get affectionate with a German shepherd, and we don’t want to leave them behind no matter what they do. But dealing with constant barking is something that no one can tolerate. So, this article brings you a piece of information that will bring joy to your face. Now learn how to stop German shepherds from barking without any reason. After all, German shepherds are intelligent and quick learners, and we can help them get rid of excessive barking.

Why do German shepherds bark too much?

Dogs bark and that is a reality that we all have to accept. In fact, it is a way of communication that they use. But excessive barking is a problem that we have to resolve, and for that, we first have to see why it happens.

It’s in their genetics

German shepherds were originally used for herding and for guarding, where both of these roles required the shepherds to bark in order to do their job. Thus, if your German shepherd is barking too much, it might be because they have inherited this habit. Behold for the solution we provide later in this article.


Have you ever seen a kid shouting loud when someone brings them a gift? It’s the excitement that makes them shout out loud. German shepherds have feelings too, and they get excited about a number of reasons. Watching his owner sitting on a lawn can also excite a German shepherd, and they bark to show their feelings.


The feeling can be positive or negative. As German shepherds’ barks for showing excitement, they can do the same to show a sign of fear, threat, or being nervous. It can happen either because they have seen a stranger, or something comes into their mind that they don’t like. It can be anything, but you have to realize with his action what your German shepherds want to convey.


Being the finest guard dog, German shepherds are loyal to their owners, and they do anything to protect the owner or their territory. If the German shepherds feel a threat to you or to the territory, they will bark continuously to scare away the strangers and to alarm you about the situation.

Seeking attention

In case you don’t give enough time to your German shepherds, they will bark non-stop to gain your attention. German shepherds are human-friendly and strong, and they love to play and exercise along with tier owners. They require you to spend time with them, and if you don’t do it, they might bark to grab your attention.

Hunger or pain

Using it as a way to talk, German shepherds give you a signal with endless barking. It includes hunger and pain as well. Note down if it is time to feed and you have not given anything to eat, and the German shepherd is barking. Also, if the dog is barking after a physical exercise, it might be because of injury or pain.

Ways to stop German shepherds from barking

If you get to know why your German shepherd is barking unreasonably, then it is a matter of time that you will be able to help overcome the practice by following the below-mentioned guidelines.

The following ways will also help you if you aren’t able to find out the possible reason behind it. Try to understand and implement the below-mentioned techniques, and surely one of them is going to show results. At the end of the day, we want the German shepherd to stop barking endlessly, be it for any reason.

Socialize from an early age

Most often, German shepherds bark too much when they see a lot of people around them or when they visit a new place. If this is the case, then you need to make sure that you give adequate time to socializing in its early years. Make them familiar with different environments, situations, and people.

Teach commands

This is also something that you should do in early years. Along with other basic training, teach them commands to remain silent or to bark when you say so. Teaching commands is a part of grooming and making the German shepherd disciplined. Check out here how to discipline a German shepherd puppy and see what you can do in this regard.


It is one of the most effective ways to stop German shepherds from barking excessively and make them disciplined. Reward your German shepherd with a toy or what they like when they follow your instruction and calm down when you command. You can also reward them when they bark at your instructions. In this way, German shepherds will learn that barking all the time is bad behavior, and they will not be rewarded for this attitude.

Follow prevention technique

Most German shepherds’ barks because they have to relieve excess energy or when they feel like they are ignored way too much. The best thing is that you prevent the shepherd from barking continuously beforehand. For this, get them to physical exercise as much as required.

In this way, you will not only be spending time with but also the workout will make the shepherd exhausted. Remember not to overdo it. See here how much exercise does a German shepherd need.

Take to veterinary

If it is not common, then your German shepherd might be barking so much because of injury or pain in the body. Observe the behavior and take them to the nearest dog’s veterinary and make sure they are treated properly.

How not to stop German shepherds from barking?

There are a few things that most dog owners do but are not helpful at all. Rather, it intensifies the situation and makes the German shepherd’s bark even more.

Physical punishment

With excessive barking, your German shepherds want to convey to you something, and if you try to stop it with physical punishment, it is going to make it worse. So, never hit or kick the German shepherd to make him calm.


Instead of putting an end, it will encourage the German shepherd to bark even more loudly as it seems like you are also doing the same thing.

Do not ignore

You cannot stop the German shepherd from barking so much simply by just ignoring it. It will get worse with time. So, try to understand the behavior and what the shepherd is trying to convey.


A German shepherd is a great partner to have, but excessive barking is frustrating and causes extreme discomfort. Giving proper attention and taking care of their needs will make them stop, but you need to find the reason behind it to treat them properly. Leaving them unattended is going to make it worse. So, try to understand their behavior and make them feel you are there for them. In return, your German shepherd will be there for you at all times.