The Slinex Video Doorbell Review

Slinex Video Doorbell Product Image

Modern, sleek and stylish would be the most fitting three words for the Slinex peephole camera.

Included in the homekit is not just an ordinary camera, but the entire package:

An indoor LCD monitor from which you can monitor the situation from a safe spot as well as all the necessary tools needed to mount the product.

To top it all off, a simple and easy-to-read instruction manual ensures that you’ll remain unhinged in the mounting process.

Besides the shiny exterior, what other secrets does the Slinex hide from our eyes?

That question is what this review is all about!


  • Immune To Mother Nature

Slinex Video Doorbell installed imageThe company guarantees that not even the harshest of winters can damage their product, so you’ll never have to worry about sudden temperature changes or spoiled weather.

  • Sturdy Build

I really liked the material used in the crafting process:

It seems to be aluminium alloy which is known not only for its steadfast properties but also very revered for the longetivity of being durable.

  • Supports Nightvision

This is slowly becoming a standard in the industry of peephole cameras.

That doesn’t come as a surprise as most breaches in security happen in the veiled confines of the night.

  • Seven-Inch LCD Screen

Track the potential interlopers from the safety of you own attire, without ever having to submit yourself to any tangible danger.

  • Auto-Snap And Auto-Film Feature

The moment someone step in front of your main door, the camera starts rolling.

Whether it will be an action movie or a simple interaction between two known personas, only time will tell!

The Advantages

  • The Do Not Disturb Mode Is A Blessing In Disguise!

Slinex Video Doorbell outside imagePush notifications are there to help you be alerted to any sort of threats your property might be submitted to.

And that is fair, but sometimes, when you know that there is no danger, as in broad daylight, you would want to rest for a while.

This is where the DND mode comes in as a lifesaver! With a click of a simply button, all notifications are postponed to a later date determine by none other than you.

  • No Cables, No Wires, No Complications

Even after years of experience in the industry, it isn’t rare that I get stuck during the installation process.

The manual might come in handy but by the time I find the information I need, a robber could have already had his way with me and my belongings!

A brilliant idea by the company brass to simplify the entire process and turn it into a glorifying experience.

Install the official Slinex app and follow the outlaed instructions, you’ll be set up in no time!

  • Wide Angle That Covers The Entire Playing Field

Being able to nimbly move the camera in real time, as well as having the ability to overshadow your entire house, you’ll never need more than one camera.

Some manufactorers try to peddle multiple cameras at once, at a higher price-point, mind you.

That usually amounts to nothing more than additional stress and ends up bringing an abbreviated piece of nothing to the table.

The Disadvantages

  • The Camera Quality Could’ve Been Higher

Although 720 pixels in high definition is nothing to ignore, what would have turned this model into perfection, is a better camera.

I see no reason why such an alteration wasn’t made and hope that in the future, that Slinex alleviates this small issue thereby creating a foolproof model.


Slinex set out to combine the best out of the best peephole cameras into one grand product.

They almost made it and I believe that in a few years, they’ll be among the first ones to get there.

I might be a bit biased as it might seem to some that I’m searching for a needle in a haystick, but that’s the pleight of being a critic and a story for another time!

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