Are Having Home Security Guards (People) Worth It

When it comes to home security, every measure you take is important, and even a minor change in plan can cause a noticeable change of actions. Having home security guards or human personnel is a significant step you take for protection and security. But, are having home security guards worth it or not? Let’s try to find out in this article.

Every step taken for home security and protection helps you in one way or another, and when it comes to having home security guards, there are several advantages you get that are otherwise not provided by security tools and equipment.

Security guards are deployed mainly when you have a large area, have some valuables in your home, or are well-known people. Whatever the reason is, security guards are perfect for deterring theft, intruders, and vandalism. Plus, you get all-time human surveillance.

But, on the other hand, security guards are good as long as they are equipped and trained. Having wrong people as the security guards only brings more damage and jeopardizes security.

Considering this, let’s see what other benefits we have of having home security guards, and then we will also check out its drawbacks to see if it is worth it or not.

Benefits of having home security guards

In order to see whether having home security guards is worth it or not, let’s go through some of the benefits we got by having the security guards.

Physical presence

Human presence in any form is a clear signal to the burglars that they are not invited, and trying to intrude in your home may get them caught. When you have trained personnel for this purpose, anyone will think a hundred times before they try to intervene. Deploying professional security guards on-site will deter the burglars away from your property, and they will avoid coming near to the place, making your home a safe place.

On-site resolution

One of the most significant advantages of having home security guards is that they can react instantly in case of any emergency and go after the thief who tries to intrude in your house. Your involvement is not needed in most cases if you have security personnel guarding your home. An intelligent guard can deal with potential hazards himself, and you can be relaxed regarding security.

Keep track of people on your property

Security guards help you keep a record of persons coming in and going outside of your house. Similarly, you can ask them not to allow anyone to enter your premises without your permission.

Proactive security

Having human personnel as security guards not only helps you deter crimes, but they are also helpful in neutralizing the situation or controlling the crime scene before it happens. Security guards keep themselves prepared for any emergency, and they respond proactively to deal with any situation.

Security guards are trained in a way that they can recognize potential hazards and deal with them professionally. The immediate and professional response is what makes having home security guards totally worth it.

All-time surveillance

Not only do the security guards keep an eye on your property, but they also keep checking the security system and cameras if you have installed any because tempering the cameras is easy as compared to bypassing the security guards. 24×7 surveillance will give you a sense of security to focus on your routine and keep the home safe and secure.

Peace of mind

According to your need and requirement, you can plan the deployment of security guards at your home and have everything under control. Having deployed the professional guards, the homeowner can be hassle-free about the protection and security. Above all, the peace of mind you get from the experienced and well-trained security personnel at your house is not matched with installing security equipment and tools.

Disadvantages of having security guards

While you get several benefits of having home security guards, there are a few drawbacks as well. One of the main things you check is the cost of having personnel security guards; in some cases, it turns out more than having a smart home security system. Besides that, security guards are human too, and they are prone to mistakes; they can get attacked by robbers or bypassed by smart burglars.

Similarly, a security guard cannot stay on alert at all times; you have to change the guards periodically. The usual routine of guards is a vulnerability, and burglars take full benefit of it. Plus, security guards tend to get bored with their job and feel sleepy during duty. This heavily affects their ability to protect and safeguard your home.


So, the question remains the same as having home security guards is worth it or not? After going through the benefits and the drawbacks of having home security guards, it is clear that any measure you take is helpful and boosts the level of security. The same goes with having home security guards.

Home security guards are worth it only if you have the right people for the right job. Professional and well-trained home security guards are an added layer of security, while on the other hand, untrained security guards are a risk that you don’t want to take.

So the key is having expert guards if you are serious about the protection and security of your home, and it is worth it if you have got the right people taking charge.