How to Secure Windows without Bars?

Windows remains the most vulnerable point when it comes to ensuring home security. Providing the intruders easy access to the buildings, windows must be secured in an efficient manner. Though bars are most commonly used to secure windows, it doesn’t seem to be an effective way, and we need to find out how to secure windows without bars.

Being a primary entry point, doors are often secured with different techniques in terms of security, but on the other hand, most of us ignore the windows. Using bars is not only an ineffective way, but it makes you feel like you are the one being stopped from accessing the window.

Thankfully, we have several other ways to secure windows without bars, and we are going to explore them one by one. If you’re searching for it, you’ve arrived at the perfect location. Sit back, calm, and read it all the way through.

Ways to secure windows without bars

Safeguarding windows other than using bars is easy if you do it the right way. Below we have discussed a few of the best ways that you can go for and secure the windows in the best possible manner.

Alter the glass

Imagine if you have a window glass made up of some high-quality material that no one will be able to break it in the first place. Yes, this is now made possible with polycarbonate windows. Their glass is made so strong that burglars will deter away from the window without even trying for once.

But polycarbonate glass comes with a heavy price. To remain within your budget, you don’t need to replace all your windows, but you can do it for the most vulnerable or the ones that are exposed the most.

Laminated glass is another practical and useful consideration in this regard, and reflective glass also works in a related manner. Examine your needs to determine which solution is right for you.

If you need a similar kind of solution on a limited budget, you can go for installing a security film on your current windows. It will add a layer of protection to the glass of the windows and will strengthen it with no additional cost of replacing the existing glass.

Use reliable windows lock

When it comes to window locks, you will find a wide variety of options to select from. From conventional locks to digital ones, bring the best quality to ensure the level of security you want. However, for this to work, you must make sure that you are locking the windows every time you leave home.

Window alarms

Setting up the window alarm is economical, and despite that, one of the most effective ways to secure a window. Whenever someone tries to open a window, an alarm will sound, and you will be warned about it.

With the advancement in technology, smart alarms are also available that have the ability to send instant notifications directly to your phone. No matter where you are, if someone tries to open a window, you will get to know about it.

Use motion detectors

When it comes to security, a motion detection system is one of the best technologies that you can use. As the name suggests, it detects the motion, and based on your settings, it generates an alarm and may also send an alert to local authorities.

There are various kinds of devices available having a built-in motion detection system. The most common are motion detection lights and sound alarms. These are easy to install and are helpful to secure windows and parameters.

Getting advanced devices brings numerous benefits. There are motion detections devices available that you can connect with your smartphone, customize their setting, and control from anywhere.

Glass break detectors

These detectors are made explicitly for glass that works the same way as motion detectors. Glass break detectors have sensors installed, and it alerts you when someone attempts to enter by trying to break the window glass.

Plant shrubs with thorns

Another effective way of securing the windows without bars is by planting thorny bushes around the window. Not only does it appear attractive, but it also acts as a great barrier for trespassers. When someone tries to bypass it, they will get physically injured.

Install security cameras

Among all, one of the best ways to secure a window is by installing security cameras and connecting them to your phone. See live recording and get instant alerts when somebody attempts to enter through the window.

Best practices

For foolproof security, never rely on one method or technique. Always utilize more than one method to make sure that you get the perfect result out of it. However, it depends on what technique is more suitable as it depends on individual conditions, environment, and requirements.


Securing windows is one of the major components when it comes to home security. Without ensuring the safety of the windows, you cannot claim to have the best protection for yourself, your family, and the property itself. Check out the ways discussed here to secure windows without bars and see which one works the best for your conditions.