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How to Secure Sliding Glass Door

Sliding glass doors are increasingly becoming popular not only in the business environment but also for residential buildings, homes, and apartments. However, just like any other door type, sliding glass doors also need to be secured from burglars.

Increasing the value by providing an aesthetic look to your house and allowing the sunlight to pass through, sliding glass doors bring numerous benefits. Giving a modern shape to your home, sliding glass doors provide easy access to the backyard or balconies in addition to providing a great view. However, with all these benefits, a sliding glass door is considered the most vulnerable spot when it comes to security.

This is true to some extent since sliding doors use conventional latches instead of using locks. Even if locks are used, they are easy to break with common tools, and most often, they are left unlocked in the first place.

Preventing forced entry and giving hard times to thieves trying to break in, sliding glass doors are not as secure as other types of doors.

This does not at all mean that using a sliding glass door is not an option. All you need is to find out how to secure a sliding glass door that provides the same level of security and protection as any other protected door.

If you are here and reading this article, consider yourself lucky as you have landed at the right place. Here we are going to explore how to secure sliding glass doors without disrupting the beauty and aesthetic.

Ways to secure a sliding glass door

There are numerous ways that can be used to make sure that a sliding glass door is safe and secure. So, without wasting a minute, let’s go through some of the most effective ways to do the job.

Blocking bars

One way of bypassing the sliding glass door is that the intruders pull the door out of its frame or from the door track. To prevent this from happening and to make your door safe, a blocking bar is the most effective and easiest way to secure a sliding door.

All you have to do is close the door and place the security bar inside the track. In this way, the burglars will not be able to pull out or open the door in any way.

However, they can still break the class, but nothing to be worried about. Below are the ways you can apply to prevent this as well.

Apply a shatterproof film

When it comes to strengthening the glass, applying a shatterproof film is the ultimate answer. The solution is easy to use and, above all, does not cost you a huge amount of money. Shatterproof films are available in different forms such as transparent, tinted, etc. you can choose whatever you like as per the design of surrounding areas. Applying this will make the glass hard to break.

In addition to strengthening the glass, you also need to make sure that it does not provide a clear view of the inside. Covering your door is essential, and therefore, it is suggested to use appropriate decorative window film or sliding panels.

Install impact-resistant glass doors

If you don’t want to get in the hassle of applying a shatterproof film, you can go for impact-resistant sliding doors that are specifically made to bear the impact of heavy pressure. It won’t be easy to break or bypass these glass doors.

Install door sensors

Sensors are your best friend when it comes to ensuring foolproof security. Glass-break detectors and door sensors work in a similar manner and generate an alarm if someone tries to break into the door. The use of sensors works as a great deterrent as burglars avoid messing up with the door having sensors installed.

Use strong latches and locks

Factory-installed latches are usually of low quality and are easy to break. Either replace them with a strong and good quality latch or bring a new glass door lock that can withstand the force and prevent break-ins. There are different variants of locks available in the marketplace that are specifically made for sliding doors. Using a lock adds up the security and helps you better secure the sliding door by providing multiple security options.

Use security door brace

Installing a security door brace is another excellent option if you want to secure the sliding door in the best possible manner. Besides holding the door in place, it provides great resistance to heavy pressure or physical force.


Security and protection are an important aspect of all of our lives. No matter where you reside, it is crucial that you inspect all elements of security and take measures to safeguard all points. When it comes to having a glass sliding door, reading this article will help you know what you need to do in order to make it secure and safe.

Besides the options discussed above, it is essential that you keep a maintenance check on the sliding doors and make sure they are working smoothly. Other than that, invest in a home security system and install a security camera if needed and if you feel like you need to upgrade the level of security.

As far as securing the sliding glass door is concerned, the above methods will work the best. Apply a couple of techniques together and secure the sliding door to the fullest. If you like what you read, give it a thumbs-up, and share it with others so that we can take the most benefit out of it.