How Do I Secure My Home Perimeter?

When we talk about home security, the most probable answer we got is to install security cameras and secure the doors, but on the other hand, it does not prevent the intruders from breaking into the house and, in most cases, the intruders manage to bypass the door locks easily.

It’s not merely about your security; the family and the valuable items you have at your home compels you to take measures that ensure maximum safety and protection, and one way of achieving all this is by securing the home perimeter. If you get control of the home perimeters, the risk of getting intruders bypassing the security reduces significantly.

Securing the perimeters will act as the first line of defense against any intrusion, and if you get hold of it, no one will be able to enter your house without your authorization. Despite the importance of securing the perimeters, not many of us are aware of the techniques and methods to secure home perimeters.

Bearing in mind the security, we have come up with an article in which we will guide you about the process of securing the home perimeter. Knowing how to do it is the first and most important part; after reading this piece of information, you can implement it or not.

Secure my home perimeter

We can say that securing perimeters is an integral part of home security. However, securing the perimeter involves different steps as securing your home. The better you secure the perimeters, the more effective and foolproof home security you will have. Let’s go through the process involving securing home perimeters.


Before you start anything, the first step often involves gathering the information. In this case, we will collect the data by conducting a survey of our property. We should be fully aware of our boundaries and what areas lie within our jurisdiction.

Carefully analyzing all areas within the boundary and highlighting the high-risk spots, we can map out a security plan as per our needs and requirements. When we have large boundaries, drawing it on a piece of paper would be helpful to chalk out the security plan.

Drain pipes, rooftops, or poles give easy access to intruders. While inspecting the area, note down such places so that you can take special actions for such positions.

Knowing all of these factors will allow us to secure the perimeters more efficiently.

Mark the spots

While you conduct the survey and draw it on paper, you must identify and mark all entry points, high-risk spots, doorways, exit points, and any other opening areas. It will help us determine what security measures we need to take and how much we can have it.

Other than that, you also need to inspect the place and identify the vulnerable spots and the areas which can be an easy target for burglars. Focusing on weak points will allow you to boost security. Please take note of all these points and write them so that you remember when carrying out the implementation.

Perform the calculations

Besides noting down the location and the places as mentioned above, you also need to take appropriate measurements such as height, visibility, accessibility, etc. it will allow you to take up the security measures correctly.

Secure your wall with fences

Having a boundary wall and then securing it with fences is the first step to secure home perimeters. The walls should be long enough so that no one can come over them easily. Installing fences will make it more secure. Make sure that you leave no gap in between the bars and replace the damaged parts. Use trellis if the walls are already made, and you need to increase the heights.

Add spiked fence toppers

Spiked fences act as a strong barrier for those who try to climb over the wall. Spiked fences are available at low prices and are highly effective in securing home perimeters.

Secure entry points and doorways

After the walls are secured, the next big thing is securing the entry points. The gates should be made from highly durable material so that they can withstand any circumstances. Besides that, keep the door closed and only open it when required. Use effective and reliable locks for securing the gate.

Install security cameras and lights

Taking advantage of the latest technology, installing security cameras along with the perimeters will keep the burglars away from your property as they will not risk getting caught in the camera. Besides that, installing security lights is also important as it helps during the night hours.

Setting up proximity detectors and motion sensors boosts up the security as it will activate the security system as soon as it detects any suspicious movement. You can also set up the alarm system so that security personnel gets an instant alert of intrusion activity. Using the sensors, you will know if someone tries to enter your premises, and you can take appropriate actions in advance.

Block easy access

As discussed earlier, drainpipes and poles allow the intruders to get inside easily, and you have to block this access. For this, you can use anti-climb paints, spiked collars, or use anti-climb downpipe covers. All of this act as a strong deterrent and block the access for burglars.


Securing the home perimeter is a way to maximize the level of home security. The home is where you live with your family, spend quality time, and keep valuable items. The more measures you take, the more secure the place will be, and you will be able to spend your time peacefully.

Keep in mind that securing the home perimeters does not mean that you ignore the inside of the house; securing the home perimeter is an added layer of protection, and it should go hand in hand.

Go through the points mentioned above as we have highlighted the best practices, and it’s on you now to apply the steps for lasting home security.