How to Secure an Empty Property

While it is common for a single owner to have multiple properties at different locations, it is not possible to keep all places occupied at all times. Just like any other building or property, vacant spaces and empty properties also require some security, and in some cases, you need to take extraordinary measures for enhanced protection.

Empty property having no security measure in place is an open invitation to burglars. No one likes their property to be targeted for vandalism, burglary, or captured forcibly from their possession.

Any unfortunate mishap can happen, and you will be left only with the regret of not spending time and resources to safeguard the property in the first place. This led us all to find out how to secure an empty property in the best possible manner and without spending too many resources.

If you are the one looking for the steps that you need to take in order to secure an empty property, this article is going to provide you with that in a comprehensive way. Give it a read and see which options you can take for the safety and security of your property.

Ways to secure an empty property

Leaving property unattended even for a day might cost you a fortune and therefore, before that happens, read out the ways discussed below to make it secure and protected.

Lock all entry and exit points

This goes without saying that you need to lock it all up if not in use. Thoroughly check out all the doors, windows, and any other opening area you have on your property. Do not forget to inspect the garage doors, kitchen decks, and small openings made for the purpose of ventilation around the place.

If you are using locks for doors and windows, invest in good-quality locks as they are more reliable and efficient. The stronger the lock, the more protected the doors and windows will be. If you have sliding doors in place, check out here how to secure sliding glass doors and see here if you want to know how to protect windows without bars.

Install security screens

Providing you with a high level of security, using a security screen is one of the cost-effective solutions you have in this regard. Security screens can be utilized to cover your entire property, including windows, frames, and other opening areas.

Available in different variants, made, and styles, you can go for the one that meets your requirements for the level of security you need and that lies within your set budget.

Keep it clean

While it seems obvious, many of us ignore this aspect as no one is living, so why invest in cleaning and waste removal. But it is an important factor to take care of because a place littered with waste gives a green signal that nobody lives here, and they can use the property for whatever illegal reason they want. Either take care of it yourself, clean the area once a week at least, or hire a professional service to take care of cleaning and maintenance.

Set up alarms

Setting up an alarm system is one of the best things you can do to protect an empty property. In integration with wireless detector sensors, such as motion detection, a loud sound will be generated that will deter anyone who tries to intervene in the property’s premises. Similarly, glass break detectors, water and gas detectors can also be installed and configured with an alarm system.

With the advancement in technology, there are now verified video alarm systems available that can be connected to your smartphone and send you instant notifications along with a small clip of the recording when an alarm is initiated. In this way, you can monitor and determine if there is human involvement or wildlife presence that’s instigated the alarm.

Allowing you to promptly act, this sounds to be a great deal to secure empty property.

Take care of the garden

If the property has a garden, you need to keep it maintained in order to make it feel like there is someone looking after it, and it cannot be used to throw garbage or carry out illegal activities. Same as with cleaning, either do it yourself or search for service providers locally.

Physical barriers

Blocking access is one way to secure empty property, and using physical barriers is the best technique to be used for this task. It is upon you to either use concrete barrier blocks, fences, razor wire, or barrier gates. Whatever suits your requirements and the conditions, you can go for any of the options you want.

Install CCTV

Monitoring and surveillance cameras can provide you with a real-time view, and thus it is one of the best ways to secure empty property. With a range of options and varieties available in monitoring cameras, you should invest in the best. Especially, look for the cameras that provide HD views and have night vision compatibility and recording features.

By connecting it to your smartphone, keep an eye on your property from anywhere you want, and at any time you want.

Get familiar with the neighbor

Most often neglected, this point alone can save you a lot. If there is an empty property of yours, you should be aware of people living in the neighborhood. It is good if you get familiar and become friends with them. They will act as a supervisor in your absence and will inform you about the surrounding activities. In this way, you will stay up to date with the status of your property without investing a penny.

Keep the lights on

Sometimes, even minor details play an important role, and when it comes to security, keeping the lights on means that the place is occupied. This act alone will help keep the burglars away from your property. If you are concerned about energy saving, you can go for motion detection lights which turn on automatically when there is a motion detected. The burglars will scare away, and you will conserve energy at the same time.

Hire a guard

If there is something really important or you have some valuables placed inside an empty property, you might want to keep a guard so that protection is ensured throughout the day. However, this can turn out to be a costly solution. It is better that you don’t keep any valuables inside an empty property.


Securing an empty property is as important as securing the home you are living in. Moreover, a vacant property requires exceptional effort as you are not there physically to keep an eye on. To know about the steps that you can take to secure an empty property, this article alone can help you through it.

However, it is suggested that you do not rely on a single step; rather, implement as many options as you can. The more steps you take towards security, the more secure the place will be.