How do you Scare Burglars Away?

Even if you have got the best home security system installed, burglars will try to intrude as soon as they get a chance, so it is better to adopt techniques that can help you scare burglars away from your home and property.

In recent days, the number of robberies has increased significantly, and the reason for it is the increasing number of burglars roaming around your house and keeping an eye on you all the time so that they can break in as they think there is no one at home.

Due to this, you must know how you can scare the burglars away from your home even if you are not there at that time.

After all, it is your security; burglars not only can loot valuables from your house but can also harm you and your family physically.

To understand how do you scare burglars away, you need to see why the burglars come near to you or your property in the first place. Therefore, firstly, we will see how you unknowingly invite the burglars to your home. After that, we will discuss the ways we can take on to scare burglars away.

What Invites the Burglars?

While there can be any reason or no reason, however, inevitable mistakes you make give the burglars the signal that allows them to break into the house without any difficulty. Some of the common mistakes you make in this regard are discussed below.

No lights

There is a reason why most of the robberies are carried out during night hours so that it becomes difficult to recognize and catch the thieves. In the same way, not having lights at your home will give a green signal to the burglars that there is no one at home and they can come in quickly.

Dust all around

Whether it is unkempt landscaping or rubbish all around the house, it all gives you a signal that there is no one loving at the place for a long time, and there is a high probability that burglars will try to break the house.

Inadequate home security

Lack of home security equipment is another main reason burglars attract to your property; when they see no barriers, it automatically encourages them to invade the house.

Keypad locks

Using conventional keypad locks is no longer helpful; with a smash, you can break it easily. Similarly, when you go outside, usually you keep the keys under the doormat or in a pot; all the places are no more hidden from the burglars, as it is pretty common.

Social media post

Who doesn’t use social media so and so forth that we keep it updating in minutes? Announcing vacations or going out of the city for work, revealing it on social media can be too risky for you. Burglars keep an eye on you from all angles, and therefore, you should be extremely careful about it.

How Do You Scare Burglars Away?

The above mentioned are some of the most common mistakes people make that invites burglars, and you should be vigilant about it. On the other hand, some ways and techniques can be used to help you scare burglars away.

It is about your security, and you must do each and everything in your hand that keeps the burglars away from you, your family, and the house. Let’s now talk about what we can do about this.

Invest in cameras

The camera is one of the most efficient tools when we talk about security. Whether it is hidden from the eyes or visible, it can help you in both ways. Before breaking into the house, burglars tend to look for security cameras, and if they found them, they just pass through them and do not enter the premises.

The doorbell camera is another good option to scare burglars away, you can see who is at the door before opening the door, and if there is an unknown person, you can call someone for help.

Motion detector lights

As mentioned earlier, having no lights gives a strong signal to the burglars that there is no one present at the venue; however, even if you have lights, keeping them on all the time can cost you a lot of money in terms of electricity charges.

The best solution in this regard is to have the motion detector lights. It automatically turns on when it detects a movement, and burglars run away instantly when they come across it.

Smart locks

Keypad locks are outdated, and you also have to secure the key, which is quite frustrating. For this, you can use smart locks, which can lock and unlock with a pin code. When burglars see a smart lock on the door and windows, they do not even try to break it because they know someone will catch them before they are successful.

Generic security sign

It may not look helpful to you, but it plays a role in ensuring safety and protection. A clear sign indicating the presence of a security system will surely alert the burglars and keep them away from the house.

Don’t advertise

Do not enclose all the details to social media and the people around you, especially when you are going on long holidays. It is the thing we often ignore, and it comes to the main reason for the robberies.

Install an alarm system

What is better than a loud noise or alarm to scare the burglars away from your home! An alarm system can be installed on front doors, windows, and any other place from where burglars can come in. It scares the burglars away and gives you an alert that someone is trying to breach the security.


House maintenance and cleanliness are a clear sign that people live in the house, especially if you have a lawn; you need to keep it in good shape. It really helps in keeping the burglars away from you.

Get a dog

If you don’t trust security equipment and tools, a dog is the best option you have left with, and it is one of the effective methods to scare burglars away. A well-trained dog will only allow the known persons to enter the premises and scare all others away.

Automated home security system

One of the best ways to scare off the burglars is to install an automated home security system at your house. It consists of several features mentioned above; if you have the required budget and you need to maximize security, the automated home security system is what you all need.


Even if you have the best security system installed, it favors facing a limited number of burglars. You need to implement methods that can help you scare the burglars away without your physical involvement.

This article mentions some of the best methods and techniques which you can follow to scare burglars away; now, it is up to you whether you go for one style or combines the different ways. All of the methods mentioned here are highly effective and yet affordable, plus it does not require special tools or expertise; all you need is a dedication towards making your home safe and secure.