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House Smells Like Rotten Eggs When Doing Laundry

You are not alone in this; no matter where you live and how often you do laundry, the house smells like rotten eggs when you do the laundry, and it makes it difficult for you to wash out your clothes in this situation.

Instead of providing you the clean and freshly scented sweet-smelling clothes, the smell coming out from it makes the experience intolerable.

Ever wondered why this happens and how you can get rid of it? If not, then it is time that you take it seriously. Why? Because rotten eggs smell in a house might be dangerous for you. The rotten eggs smell can cause headache and dizziness if you expose yourself for a long time, and therefore, it is vital for you to know why the house smells like rotten eggs when doing laundry and what you can do about it.

Let us see where does the smell comes from; only then we can analyze the situation and fix it properly.

Why does the house smell like rotten eggs when doing laundry?

From your laundry room to the washing machine, everything seems to be producing a lousy odor, but where does it actually come from? Normally, the rotten eggs smell comes from sewage, and it tells you about the possible problems in the drainage system. It can be a missing cleanout plug from the floor drain or an issue with the washing machine pipe; you need to check them both out.

Another possible reason for this smell can be a dry p trap. It is a u-shaped pipe, often known as the water trap, and it is located under the sink or a tub. Normally, you would see a small amount of water sitting in it, and when it dries, it allows the sewer gas to flow through it, causing a bad odor in your room.

If it is your washing machine that smells like rotten eggs, rather than throwing it away, a simple and quick fix can solve the problem for you.

The smell does not stick to the laundry room only, it spread out like forest fire in your house, and you feel wooziness all day long due to this rotten eggs smell.

Let’s now move onto the solution and see how we can fix it.

Remove rotten eggs smell when doing laundry

We have discussed three possible problems that can cause the house to smell like rotten eggs when doing laundry. For each problem, we have discussed the solution below.

Cleanout plug

A cleanout plug is installed to prevent the sewer gases from flowing and also to give easy access to get rid of clogs from the floor drain. If it is not there or is misplaced, it causes the rotten eggs to smell in the room. The solution to this is to get the cleanout plug from the hardware store that shall be available at an affordable cost and set it accordingly in the floor drain.

Water trap

If it is an issue with the p trap and there is no water in it, you can fix it easily in minutes. All you need is to run the water through the tub or the sink, and after a few minutes, the p trap will have water in it. The presence of water in a p trap will not allow the sewer gas to pass through.

What to do if the washing machine smells like rotten eggs

The problem arises when it is the washing machine from where the smell is coming from. It can be due to any reason; it might be because you have used unclean water, or you have used too much detergent. It can also happen due to the buildup of residue materials, bacteria, and germs in any spot of the washing machine. It can be a drum, hose, door sealing, drainage, or filter.

Having said that, this problem can be resolved easily if you do the right thing. What do you need to do? You will find it below.

Service your machine

By service, your machine does not mean that you open all the parts. Instead, you need to run the machine with no clothes in it. Add hot water in the water tub, and spin it. The hot water itself will kill the bacteria and will remove the smell. Add detergent if you like with hot water. Running a cleaning cycle is preferred once in a while to keep the machine running in order.

Wash out the filters

You will find a lot of residue being piled at the filter and the dispenser. When it accumulates in huge amounts, it creates a foul odor. Use warm water and scrub the filter so that it does not contain any threads and materials.

Scrub the machine

Be it any electronic device, the dust will accumulate on sealing and other places, and when you do not clean it for a long time, it starts smelling a bad odor.

Not only the sealing of the washing machine but also the body might contain fixed elements and stubborn stains that you need to wipe out.

Use a sponge and apply vinegar or any other cleaner you like to wipe out the seal and other surfaces of the machine. Scrub the machine from inside out and do it at least once a month to keep it clean.

Washing machine drainage system

The most important part to check is the drainage system. Most of the time, the drain blockage is the reason the house smells like rotten eggs when doing laundry. The jam or any clogged form in a hose results in dissipating the bad smell, and it spreads all around.

Use a drain blocker to resolve the issue, or separate the hose from the machine and clear it out properly.

Try adding one cup of baking soda and then the boiled water to see if it removes the blockage. If it doesn’t work out, you can use the drain blocker or apply the enzyme cleaner to clear out the blockage.


House smells like rotten eggs when doing laundry seems to be a big problem, but it can be resolved without spending any bucks if you apply the right things. This article is what you all need to know about the process to eliminate bad smells from your house.

Do not keep it with yourself; share it with others so that everyone knows what to do if they are facing a similar problem.