Which is Better Ring or SimpliSafe Doorbell?

Ring and SimpliSafe are well-known providers of DIY safety, which provide a range of intelligent safety features. Both offer video doorbells on the next level, yet some important variances exist.

Canitec compared them to help you select the appropriate house doorbell camera. We hope you will identify the fact, which one is better, Ring or SimpliSafe Doorbell?

Ring Video Doorbell vs. SimpliSafe Video Doorbell

Topic Ring SimpliSafe
Price 249 dollars 169 dollars
Warranty 1 Year 60 days
Power Hardwired Hardwired
Size 4.5 inches 4.5 inches
Installation Process DIY & Pro Both DIY & Professional
Home Automation Yes Yes
Video Storage Cost 3$ per month 24$ per month
Field of View 160 degrees 162 degrees
Motion Zones Yes No
Durability High High
Alerts with Live Yes No
2-Way Audio Yes Yes

Compare Features of Both Doorbells: SimpliSafe Vs. Ring


The DIY camera might cost up to $150 on average. However, video Doorbell’s Pro is SimpliSafe at $169, while Ring’s Video Doorbell Pro at retail prices is somewhat more $249.

However, video storage from SimpliSafe is quite costly – $24.99/m. Ring charges just $3/m. Whereas. Ring and SimpliSafe frequently bargain for a lesser cost with their cameras, sensors, and systems.

The cost of the ring is lower in the long term, and the cake is thus accessible in this round.

Canitec’s Winner for This Feature Is: Ring Doorbell

Special Advantages

Both doorbell video cameras are packed with distinctive house characteristics. For example, ring’s Video Doorbell Pro has a two-way chat and cancellation of noise so that guests may converse using their smartphone.

Ring also enables specific movement areas to receive notifications when someone is outside your house in a unique region. These functions are included on the SimpliSafe doorbell camera, though.

The doorbell camera of SimpliSafe ignores the movement of cars to prevent false warnings. However, because SimpliSafe provides more, in this round, they take the cake.

Our Winner: SimpliSafe

Doorbell’s Warranty

The Ring gives a one-year component warranty and insurance against lifelong robbery. If you have stolen your video doorbell, please submit a police complaint, and Ring will replace it free of charge.

On the contrary, if you are not happy with your doorbell camera, SimpliSafe guarantees consumers a 60-day money-back guarantee. SimpliSafe also provides a 3-year product defects warranty. Since the contract lasts longer, SimpliSafe wins this round.

Winner: SimpliSafe

Video Storage

The Ring has a Video Doorbell Pro protective plan which preserves footage on your camera for 60 days, and Ring’s snapshot capture for moving images starting at $3 per month.

With the Ring cloud storage service, you may save and share your films. SimpliSafe also provides $24.99/month video storage.

With their interactive plan, you will have limitless cloud storage. As SimpliSafe costs more, many families do not require endless videos. With its inexpensive plan, Ring wins this round.

Winner: Ring

Home Automation

SimpliSafe works solely with Amazon Alexa, August Locks, and Nest from Google’s assistant currently. Ring, by contrast, works with other prominent intelligent home manufacturers, including GE, Yale, Schlage, etc.

Using your Ring mobile app, you can connect and manage your Video Doorbell Pro, intelligent lighting, smart locks, and other home security systems. They’re the winner in this category because of the extensive range of Ring and connection choices.

Winner: Ring


Both Ring and SimpliSafe guarantee easy DIY installation with most existing doorbell wires for their doorbell cameras. Or, if you want a specialist, both suppliers can provide you with a professional setup to install your video doorbell.

Professional installation of SimpliSafe starts at $79, while the installation cost of Ring does not appear on the Web. This round is a tie as both suppliers offered DIY and expert installation.

Tie: SimpliSafe & Ring

Final Consideration: Ring Vs. SimpliSafe

Both video doorbell additions are fabulous. High-quality cameras, customizable installations, and Monitoring Services are available month by month. However, with its inexpensive video storage, home automation compatibility, and capabilities, Ring Video Doorbell Pro is recommended as the best video doorbell.


Do you provide expert monitoring by either Ring or SimpliSafe?

Yes, both SimpliSafe and Ring provide professional supervision. Monitoring Ring for yearly discount amounts to $10/mo or $100/year. Professional maintenance costs SimpliSafe $14.99/m.

Is the doorbell video included in the packages Ring and SimpliSafe?

No, both the video doorbells Ring and SimpliSafe must be purchased independently.

Is a long-term agreement needed by Ring or SimpliSafe?

No, Ring and SimpliSafe are not contractual requirements. However, for your flexibility, month-to-month services are offered.

Do Ring or SimpliSafe have a professional installation available?

Yes, Ring and SimpliSafe provide both expert installation and DIY equipment.