The Ring Video Doorbell 2 Review

Ring Video Doorbell 2 product Image

Nothing like having a small, portable and flexible doorbells camera alerting you of possible interlopers on their way.

The Ring has always been a company that tried to master the art of stealth and it is within our deepest belief that they have truly done it this time.

Let’s take a closer look at the vast amount of features this clandestine little toy has, as well as all the advantages and potential disadvantages it harbors.


  • 1080 HD Camera

That’s what we’re talking about! The biggest reason why someone seeks a video doorbell in the first place would have to be the murky mirage when trying to dissect who the hell would dare to show up at an unannounced hour.

  • Fast Charger

There’s nothing more frustrating than having to charge your gear for hours on end, this begs for the question;

For what purpose does one need a peephole camera when it is out of action for most of the active hours?

Ring Video Doorbell 2 Installed Image

That’s why having a fast charger is so important and we can safely confirm that fully charging up the Ring never took more than two hours.

  • Included Wi-Fi Compatibility

Spy on your own front yard even when you are not physically present, as long as you harbor a steady Wi-Fi connection, nothing can stand between your house and your safety.

  • Compatible For Every Climate

Rain, huge gusts of wind or snow can’t harm the Doorbell 2 as it has been specifically designed to withstand even the harshest punishments of nature.

The Advantages

  • You Don’t Need A Tech Degree To Install It

Ring Video Doorbell 2 Mobile ApplicationI bought one for my grandma and told her to wait until I get off from work, as I didn’t really trust her with the instruction manuals.

Io and behold, I come back home, and she had already mounted and installed it all on her own.

Talk about simplicity.

  • Lifetime Guarantee

If a cutpurse were to swing by your home and pilfer this nifty little tool, the company goes as far as to simply replace it, free of charge.

Talk about customer care.

  • Clear Voice

How annoying can it be when you can’t hear the person standing two feet next to you?

This is a very important feature as a few changes in cadence can mean the difference between letting an old friend that you haven’t heard from in years into your home, or a potential robber.

Talking through the Doorbell 2 felt almost surreal; As if my interlocutor was right there in front of me!

The Disadvantages

  • It Takes Time To Tailor The Sensitivity Motions To An Acceptable Level

As I first got the Doorbell 2, I immediately noticed that the sensitivity motions were a little of.

Case in point; It would sometimes alert me of a simple passerby and on the other hand, completely miss a would-be intruder while he was standing on the porch.

Before throwing this thing right in the trashcan, I gave it a second shot and after tinkering with the sensors through the main command prompt, everything fell back in place.

That’s my only caveat; You will have to carefully twist and twirl and test, until you find the right settings.

It can be a bit of a time waster, but it is a one-time occurrence so it’s nothing too serious.


All in all, when taking everything in consideration, it’s a gem waiting to be uncovered by those who want to settle for something nifty yet oddly omnipresent at the same time.

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