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Knowing how to reroof your house is always a good idea as every homeowner is concerned about it because of the fact that every house has to bear the hardship of the weather conditions such as rain, snow, thunderstorms, scorching heat, etc. and there are no applicable solutions to protect your house roof from such circumstances.

Like you do the home renovations, reroofing your house from time to time is also important as it keeps your house intact and in good condition. A home is incomplete without a proper roof, and if it is damaged in any way, you will need to reroof your house to keep it safe and secure. Besides that, the roof directly impacts ventilation, insulation, noise absorption, and, most importantly, security.

Having said that, the job is not easy and not for everyone, especially if this is the first time you are doing the task. It is better to call in the professionals, but you should know the process of how to reroof your house so that you can ensure the job is done correctly.

On the other hand, if you are not afraid of heights and are comfortable working on the roof or calling a professional costly, this article is a must for you to read. With clear instructions, planning, and the right set of materials, you can do the job safely without spending huge amounts of money on it.

If you are aware of the measures and steps you need to take, you will be able to reroof your house more efficiently, and it will be more reliable and long-lasting.

Things to consider before Reroofing your house

Before moving onto the process of re-roofing the house, knowing when to do it is the key. We often get confused about whether we need to repair it or we should go for reroofing completely. No more confusion now. If you experienced leakage, holes, missing or broken shingles, mold, sagging, or damage due to extreme weather, it is time that you reroof your house.

In addition, there are several other things as well you may take into note before starting to reroof your house. The most crucial factors are discussed below.

Overlay Vs. Tear off

It would help if you decided beforehand whether you will be going for tear-off or the overlay method of reroofing the house.

Tear-off means removing the old roof entirely and then setting up the new shingles. Whereas overlay implies that you don’t remove the old one; instead, you install the new shingles on an existing roof.


It is one of the important roofing elements, and you need to be careful about its selection. The material is what defines how strong a roof is. We have numerous kinds of shingles available, but not all of them fit all types of roofs.

Normally we have four types of shingles that are mainly used for roofing. That includes asphalt shingles, slate, laminated, and wood shingles. Choose the one that works in your particular area and on your house. Do not forget to check the size, thickness, and quality, along with the type of roof shingles.

Roofing style

There are as many ideas for roofing style as you can think of. Reroofing on the existing style will be much easier and cheaper, whereas if you want to go differently, keep in mind the budget and materials required for it.

Reroof your house

By now, as you know the factors you need to see before starting to reroof your house, let’s get started with the process and see how it is done.

Get necessary permits

The place where your house is located may have certain rules and regulations, and you might need to get a permit to reroof your house. Plus, some states have defined the local building codes, which define the number of layers you can put on the roof and the quality of material being used. It is preferred to get in contact with the local authority before you start any practical work.

Gather the materials

You have already chosen the type of roof shingles in the first step, now is the time to gather it in the required quantity. Roof shingles are sold in bundles, and generally, three bundles are needed to cover up to 1 square foot of the roof. Measure it accordingly and get it ready.

Prepare your roof

After the tools and materials are ready, you can start preparing the roof. If you are going with the tear-off method, you need to remove the old shingles properly. It needs to be done carefully with a hammer and a shovel, or use any other tool you find necessary.

Remove metal flashing and see if you can reuse it or need the replacement. After that, sweep the roof and clean it so that new shingles can be placed accurately. You may want to add an underlayer for weatherproofing and extended durability.

Perform the roof replacement

To keep the shingles in order, use chalk to mark straight lines and nail them down. Lay down the strip material if required before placing the shingles, and then start installing the shingles strategically. Leave the space around the vents or chimneys as you can do in the end with extra care and measurement. Use roofing adhesive material where required and at last complete the roof.

Once you have completed it, do a quick inspection to see if all things are completed accurately and there is nothing left out.


Reroofing a house becomes necessary if it is damaged in any way. Whether you are doing it on your own or calling a professional, knowing the process will help you perform the task perfectly. In this way, you can ensure maximum reliability and durability.