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How to remove the Smell of Skunk for House

If you have ever encountered the smell of skunk, you know how it feels as you cannot live with the nastiness, and getting rid of it is the only way out. But it is not easy to remove the smell of skunk from the house if you don’t act promptly.

Although skunk tends to avoid humans in general when they feel frightened, they release a spray to protect themselves, and by chance, you come across the spray, the smell of it can cause irritation, and you might not be able to breathe in properly.

Getting rid of the skunk smell might be easier if sprayed outside, but the real challenge is removing the skunk’s smell from the house. You may already have tried some methods to get rid of the smell, but not everything on the internet is true, and all your efforts go in vain.

As much as the smell is nauseating, getting rid of it is easier given that you act immediately and efficiently.

If you are looking for the right ways to remove the smell of skunk from a house or if you know someone who needs to know the details of it, continue reading this article and share with them so that no one has to bear the sickening smell of skunk and you can quickly remove it from your house.

Removing the smell of skunk from the house

Consider yourself lucky if your nose is safe from the smell of skunk; however, you should always know how you can remove it so that you can get away with it as soon as you detect it.

Let’s discuss the remedies and the solution below.

Determine the source

Skunk smell can enter your house from several sources. It might be you, the pet, or anything else a skunk could spray.

The first thing you would be doing to remove the smell of skunk from the house is to find out exactly where the smell is coming from the house as it will allow you to take care of the affected area and prevent spread out of the smell.

You should know that the smell can spread quickly, and to find out where it is coming from, you need to check where it is the strongest. While it may be difficult for you but it is the only way to determine the source.

Open the windows

Let the sun shower some light into your house, open all the windows, and turn on the AC system or fans as it will circulate the air and help remove the smell of skunk from inside the house.

Washout your clothes

Your clothes will smell if they come in contact with the skunk spray, and you cannot leave it unattended as it will spread out the smell to all other areas. You need to wash the affected piece of clothes with appropriate detergent as soon as possible to remove the smell.

Washout any other affected item

It is not only the clothes that can get affected by the smell of skunk, but anything that comes in contact will be affected. It may be your carpet, sofas, furniture, or anything else; you will know about it when determining the source in the first step. Wash them out repeatedly until and unless the smell is removed, let them air-dry, and see if the smell is removed or not. Discard any item if the smell is still there.

Steam cleaning

For items that cannot be washed, such as curtains, couches, and mattresses, you can apply steam cleaning on such items as removing the smell of skunk is necessary from all parts; otherwise, it will keep on spreading.

Wipe down the surfaces

Wipe down all the surfaces as you do in regular cleaning of the house but this time, either use household bleach or a mixture of water and vinegar. Other than the floor, you may need to wipe out the cupboards, boards, walls, etc. If there is a spot or an item that smells stronger than the other part, you may need to separate it and take extra care of it with cleaning.

Use of vinegar

There are many ways vinegar can be used to remove the smell of skunk from the house. Besides using it to wipe out the surfaces, you can also place a bowl of white vinegar in affected areas and leave it there for a day until the smell is removed completely. Other than that, you can also boil vinegar, and as it evaporates, the smell of skunk will be removed.

Spray Air Deodorizers

While it may not remove the smell completely but use it in combination with other methods, spraying air deodorizers will play its part and help remove the smell of skunk from the house.

Cleaners for skunk spray

Considering its use, now there are cleaners available in the market that are made specifically for this purpose. Check in to the nearby store as it is widely available worldwide. Purchase the one you like and also spin an eye on the instruction mentioned on it.


Some of the best methods and techniques are discussed in this article to help you remove the smell of skunk from the house, follow one or multiple ways as long as the smell is not eradicated.

Once you have taken care of the smell, you need to make sure that it does not return. For this, you should change the air filters after you are done cleaning the house. For areas where you cannot reach easily, such as under the couch, spread some mothballs, and it will help you keep the smell away from a house.