How To Protect Security Cameras From Tampering

Security cameras play a vital role in home security as it provides surveillance at all times and keeps a record of surroundings. But, cameras can turn out to be ineffective if tampered with by someone.

No matter the type of security cameras you have at your home, burglars can easily break in into the house without being caught if the cameras are compromised.

Security cameras are valuable as long as they are not tempered with. Considering its importance, you should know how to protect security cameras from tempering so that they can function properly at all times and provide you the monitoring, security, and protection for which the cameras have been installed in the first place.

Security cameras help you keep your home safe and secure, and therefore, you must ensure cameras are not tempered easily.

Let’s now talk about some of the best applicable ways to protect security cameras from tempering that actually works.

Placement of security cameras

You have to take measures from the beginning when setting up the security cameras in and around your house. When installing the cameras, you need to be careful about the choice of placement and select the spots that are not easily accessible. If cameras are placed in an inaccessible position, they will be difficult to tamper with when you cannot access them.

Installing cameras at higher positions is preferred as it will be hard to access them, and no one will try to climb up the ladder.

Install hidden cameras

The burglars and the thieves try to tamper with the cameras that can be seen easily and are easy to reach. While on the other hand, if you set up the hidden cameras, they will not be able to notice it, leave away the tampering.

Following this technique, you can also use the hidden camera along with visible cameras, and when someone tries to tamper with the visible camera, you will have the evidence via a hidden camera, and you will know who is messing it around.

Security camera housing

Protective housing is another great way to secure your cameras from being tampered with. Using mounting brackets, protective covers, and cages are some ways you can use in this regard. Besides that, show your creativity and make a DIY lantern or a box with chains to cover up the camera. Make sure that you are not blocking the view. Anyone who tries to tamper with it will not be able to get unnoticed.

Choose wireless

It is easier to tamper with the wired cameras than wireless ones. Wireless cameras are available with different features and functions, and you can easily get them at an affordable cost. They are small in size and are easy to install. As there will be no wiring, it will be difficult to tamper with the wireless cameras.

If you are using the wired cameras, you need to take extra measures to protect the cables.

Prevent breaches

Going wireless is good, but there are other ways as well a camera can be tampered with. Security breaches and hacking are common these days, and the only way to prevent breaches is to use a strong password, a high-quality Wi-Fi connection that supports wireless security protocols, and to enable data encryption. Besides that, keep the software and devices up to date. All these measures will help you prevent security breaches.

Use vandal proof and tamper detection cameras

The least we can do is to purchase and install vandal-proof or tamper detection cameras in the first place. The vandal-proof cameras provide great resistance to physical attacks and ill-treatment. Whereas the tamper detection cameras send you an alert if someone tries to mess around with it.

Using the tamper-proof cameras will get an alert if the camera lens is sprayed or hit by an object, the lens focus is not clear, and if someone switches off the camera. By instant alert, you can take immediate actions accordingly.

Join hands with your neighbors

In addition to following the above ways, the other best thing you can do is collaborate with your neighbors, as every homeowner is concerned about the security and protection of their family and the property.

Setting up a camera in your neighborhood with a view of your house and in return installing a camera at your home with a view of your neighbor, anyone who tries to intervene in your homes will get caught in the neighbor’s camera even if they are successful in tampering with the cameras of your house.

Joining hands with your neighbor to boost the level of home security is among the most effective techniques you can apply. This way, not only you have ensured the safety of your house but also the safety of your neighbor’s house.