How To Protect Electric And Cables From Your Pets

Being a pet owner brings creativity out of your mind as you take different measures and steps to keep the pet safe and secure. Besides keeping the pet safe, you will also need to protect home appliances, products, and, most importantly, the electric cables from your pets. It is one of the major problems pet owners face regarding how they can protect electric and cables from their pets.

A home is incomplete without an electrical power supply as most home appliances and products run on electricity. However, it should not stop us from having a pet. But, we also know that exposed wires are dangerous for pets as they will try to chew them and get electric shock and burns that can be a tragedy in death.

If you are facing similar kinds of problems that you will be, if you have pet animals, then this article will be a lifesaver as here we are about to discuss how to protect electric and cables from your pets.

Even if you do not have pet animals, you may want to read this piece of information because exposed cables are dangerous for the children too, and you will need to know how you can protect them.

As you understand the importance of securing the cables for the safety of pets, let’s explore the ways to do it.

Protect electric and cables from your pets

You cannot keep the pet animals in a cage, and also, the pet animals cannot go along with the wires. Well, here it is, what brings out the creativity as you think of ways to protect electric and cables from your pets. Let’s give you some ideas to do it efficiently and effectively.

Get rid of unused wires

It is a simple concept that if there is no use of wires, then remove it. Having unnecessary wiring not only creates a disorder but is also unsafe if you have pet animals at your home. Take a round of your home and see the appliances and the devices you haven’t used for months; if they are not needed, it is better to remove their wires and keep them somewhere safe.

Block access

By blocking access means hiding the wires through some means; for example, you can place the cables behind the piece of furniture, under the carpet, etc. Pets will never know the presence of wires if you have blocked the access and make it untraceable.

Cover the cables

Blocking the access to wires is not always applicable, but we cannot let the pets chew it either. In this situation, we can use wire looms or plastic spiral wraps to cover up the cables. Even if pets get access to it, the covered wires will not harm it in any way. For better reliability, you can use PVC piping, but it does not offer much flexibility.

Lift cords off the floor

If none of the above ideas work, why not keep the cables out of reach for your pets. In this way, pets will not harm themselves as they cannot get near the wires.

To do this, you can lift cords off the floor, affix them to the walls, and use adhesive cord clippings so that they stay fixed and out of reach for the pets. Other than the walls, you can place the wires on any other surfaces such as the tabletops, shelves, and around the doorways.

Run cables underground or through the walls

This idea works the best if you are just constructing the house and can make space for underground wiring. However, running cables through the wall can be done anytime with the help of a cable puller, fish tape, and some drilling. Wire channels is another option in this case as it allows you to place the running cord along with the surface.

Hide excess length

Excess cord length attracts the pet animals and the children’s in the house, and they love to play with it, but pets can put long dangling wires around their neck and therefore are extremely dangerous. To prevent this, you either need to hide it or wind it up with a cord winder.

Go for wireless products

Though it is not a way to protect cables, it is one solution that can be applied to avoid this problem. Going wireless means no wires, and with no wires, you don’t have to worry about anything. Go for as many wireless options as you can, and use the method discussed in this article for products and the appliances that come with wires.

Cable drawings

Blocking access and covering it up are not the only ways to hide the cables. One other creative idea is to make a drawing of the wires. Cable drawing is an effective method to keep the pets away from the wires without actually hiding them. Similarly, camouflaging the cables with the surrounding is another idea to keep the pets away from it without actually hiding it.

Use pet deterrent spray

One way of keeping the pets away from cables is to apply the pet deterrent spray. But before you do that, keep your safety in mind, as spraying the broken or damaged wires can result in an electric shock. So make sure that cables are not torn or damaged in any way, plus turn off the supply just to be on the safe side.

Give them the alternative

Obviously, if you keep the pet engaged with other alternatives such as toys and games, they will be less attracted to the cables and wires. Provide them the option, play outdoors, and have a fun time together.


If you are a pet lover, living without them is not an option, but ensuring their safety should be the top priority. Getting in contact with electrical wires is not at all safe for pets, and if you follow the techniques mentioned above, you will be able to keep the pets and the electrical cables safe and sound.