How Do You Protect an Outdoor Electrical Outlet

A building is incomplete without electricity, and electrical outlets are what help you make sure that you have supplies in all corners and rooms. Outdoor electrical outlets are as useful and important as indoor electrical outlets.

But, on the other hand, outdoor outlets are exposed to weather situations and other outside elements. For that reason, it is crucial that you know how to protect an outdoor electrical outlet.

Outdoor electrical outlets are valuable as they provide great convenience to power outside functionalities. As the time touches sunset, families tend to come outside in their lawns and often have outdoor parties. In this case, you need to have an outside electrical outlet to power up everything that is required.

Living in areas where rains are expected around the year, protecting electrical outlets is not only crucial for your own safety but also important in order to keep the electric system of your house safe and running.

If you don’t want to spend nights in complete darkness, read out this article as here we are going to talk about the methods you can apply to protect an outdoor electrical outlet and keep yourself and your family safe from electrical hazards.

How to protect an outdoor electrical outlet?

Though most outdoor outlets come with a cover, still, when you plug in, there is a high risk of danger you put in. However, with few precautions and safety measures, you can protect the outlet and keep it safe from danger. Below, you will find a few of the techniques you can look for in this regard.

Use GFCI outlet

Keeping in mind the use and the safety, outdoor outlets are designed separately so that they can be used for the purpose without any problem. Using Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) is one of the effective ways to guarantee the protection of the outdoor circuit. The job of GFCI is to cut off the electricity automatically when there is a hindrance in the flow of electricity.

You can check if you have GFCI or not by inspecting “test” and “reset” buttons having the letters “WR” engraved.

Weatherproof cover

With this, you don’t have to worry about raining outside. As long as the outlet is covered with a reliable, weatherproof cover, it is safe to use. When using these, you should be careful about the configuration as improper installment may lead to failure in the protection of the outlet.

There are numerous kinds of weatherproof covers available. Among them, the most common are known as the bubble cover and flip-up covers. Consult your electrician and see which one is best suited for your outlet.

Proper installation

It’s not only about the electrical outlet and the cover, be it any other appliance or tool; if it is not installed in a correct manner, sooner or later, it is going to fail and may cause destruction. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that you make sure the outlet is correctly installed along with the cover and there are no rotten or damaged wires coming out of it.

If you are in doubt whether the outlet is correctly installed or not, it’s better to call a professional and let them examine and resolve if the problem is detected.

What happens if an outdoor electrical outlet gets wet?

Nothing but an electric shock. It is understood that water and electricity do not go hand in hand, and if you mix them together, there are serious repercussions you will have to face.

Outdoor outlets are there for your convenience, but if you do not protect them from outside elements, they pose a serious threat, and in case you get a powerful electric shock, you may end up losing your life.


Outdoor electrical outlets provide great assistance as we need electricity to power up different elements outside. In order to make sure that the outlets are safe and secure, one must look for ways to protect them the right way. This article highlights the most important factor you need to look for to protect an outdoor electrical outlet.

In addition to following the above methods, make sure that you do not leave the outside electrical unit unattended, especially when in use. Give special attention if you have children or pets in your home as they like to play with unusual things they see around.