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How To Prevent Birds From Pooping At Your House

Who doesn’t love birds chirping around your house in the morning, you feel the true colors of nature and its ecosystem, but there comes a problem when you see birds pooping at your house.

We all want to keep our homes as clean as possible, and we do everything to ensure this, but the bird’s poop destroys the beauty and the aesthetic look of the house as the poop sticks to it, and sometimes it becomes hard to remove.

Wondering how you can avoid your house becoming a pooping place for birds? Continue reading this article as here we will discuss the method and techniques we have analyzed to prevent birds from pooping at your house.

Ways to prevent birds from pooping at your house

If you don’t wipe out the birds’ poop for a few days, the house will be covered with birds poop all around, and the smell of it will be unbearable and may transmit diseases affecting your family in one way or another.

It becomes crucial for you to clean the house, but it requires extra effort, energy, and resources. However, if you take preventive measures, you can stop the birds from pooping at your house in the first place. Let’s find out below the ways you can do it.

Use reflective bird diverters

Reflective bird deterrent is the device and the elements that you can easily hang around the house or see the birds coming the most. The movement and its reflection scare the birds, and they do not come near the place where it is installed. There are various designs and styles of reflective bird diverters you can use.

Plastic Predator Birds

It is another effective and easy method to prevent birds from pooping at your house. You can place a plastic owl around your home, especially where you see birds pooping, and the birds will stay away from the place. Make sure that you keep changing the position of the plastic owl so that birds do not get comfortable with it watching it at the same place every time.

Ultrasonic sound system devices

There are devices available that you can install at your house; most of them work in combination with motion sensors, and as soon as it detects birds, it generates a sound that is undetectable for humans, but it is enough for birds to scare them off the place. Similarly, the plastic predator birds also come with a noise creation facility, and in this way, the two forms will be combined to prevent birds from pooping at your house.

Shiny spinning pinwheels

Pinwheels will spin and create sound when the air blows, and thus it acts as the perfect bird deterrent object. If you are using the metallic one, it will reflect the sunlight and will be more reliable in doing the job.

Reflective flash tape

The easy and cheapest way is to place reflective flash tape strips around where you want to protect from birds pooping. The movement of the strips, combining with the sound it creates when it moves, will keep the birds away from the place.

Change the bird feeder location

The birds are attracted more towards a house if you have placed a bird feeder around. But inviting more birds means more pooping your home. For this, you can change the location of the bird feeder and place it somewhere where it doesn’t affect your house.

Similarly, if your house has a birdbath or fountain, the birds will be attracted to it, and you may have to relocate it to keep them away from your house.

Bird spikes

Placing bird spikes is another effective way out to keep the birds away from your goods. Though, this method is suitable to apply if you are facing the larger birds. It prevents the birds from nesting or perching as the spikes are pointed upwards and keep them away.

Hanging small mirrors

This is another cool and highly affordable idea to ensure that birds don’t roam around your house. Hang few small mirrors around the house where you see the birds coming frequently. The reflection and the movement of mirrors will help keep the birds away, and as a result, your house will be safe from birds pooping.


You will certainly not want to make your house look like a cage to prevent birds from pooping at your house. There is a device that you can use, and it will keep the birds away and add beauty to the house. We are talking about placing the wind chimes.

The sound it makes is not disturbing for humans, but the birds and the reflection of the metal pieces will also ensure the birds remain far from the house. Hang it around, and the house will be safe from birds pooping.


Water sprinklers are commonly used to keep the birds away from your surroundings. It works in integration with motion-activated sensors. As it detects birds from any direction, the sprinkler starts and frightens the bird into moving away. It will not hurt the bird in any way and will also do the job perfectly.


You must be relieved to know that it is not difficult to prevent birds from pooping at your house, and all the techniques discussed here are DIY, do not require you to put much effort and money.

As now you are fully aware of how to get hold of this issue, why not share it with someone who needs it badly and let them know how to prevent birds from pooping at their house.