How to Prevent Burglars From Climbing Your Home Fence

According to the cops, no matter what you do, a burglar can get into your house if they want to.

Nobody wants their house to be a target for robbers. However, for numerous Americans, this nightmare has become a reality. You’re already aware that an alarm system and safe windows will help prevent burglars. However, you might be forgetting one of your most valuable properties in terms of deterring intruders: your garden and yard.

We know that a fence is a safe first line of protection against intruders in our yard. However, if you want to defend your house, there are many more powerful backyard protection ideas.

In this feature, we will show you how to prevent burglars from climbing your home fence.

Ways To Prevent Burglars From Your Home | Awesome Yard Features For Ultimate Protection

Check out all of the yard features that can keep burglars away from your house, including advice from everyone’s favourite security expert Canitec, below:

Use Landscape Light In Your Backyard

There’s an explanation why home security professionals advise adding more lights to stop burglars: It’s challenging to slink around in the shadows because there aren’t any to be seen. Canitec suggests considering motion sensor illumination, solar pathway lights, uplighting toward your home, and even downlighting trees. Landscape lighting is an excellent obstacle for intruders, mainly because your neighbours can see your entire yard.

Built A Durable Fence In Your House

Another unsurprising but still efficient method for keeping burglars out of your yard? Putting up a sturdy fence. According to Canitec, fences impossible for intruders to climb or bust through, and it would have been the best security against burglary.

It would help if you chose a fence that is both sturdy and tall — preferably tall enough that intruders cannot climb it. Also, when selecting a gate, choose one with a self-closing lock or latch so that it does not allow anyone to unlatch it from the outside.

Fences provide a prominent shield across your backyard, but a plain chainlink or wooden wall is insufficient to deter burglars.

Make sure the backyard fencing is tall enough to deter intruders. Sharp-pointed picket fences or tall chainlink fences may also be seen.

While there is an old cliche that “nice fences make good neighbours,” fences often discourage burglars. Anyone who has to crawl over a fence to get in and then take their belongings back over a fence would be prevented from stealing your things.

A chain-link fence can slow down a burglar, but it also gives a clear view of the backyard and is not impossible to crawl over.

Dense Hedge

Canitec suggests planting a hedge to keep burglars out of your house. Choose a thick evergreen, such as bamboo, yew, or laurel, which will rise to create a physical barrier that intruders will find challenging to breach.

According to House Beautiful, these plants “all develop into a tall and sturdy firewall.” You may also use low trees, such as creeping juniper, to make it impossible for burglars to pass across them.

Green Shrubs with Gravel

Another piece of advice from home security experts? Plant evergreen shrubs around your yard, with gravel in them. It’s a Pinterest-worthy look, but it will also shield your home from intruders. “Anyone crossing it would make a loud crunching noise, but no one will enter without you seeing them,” says the gravel.

Unique Home Security Sign

A symbol is indicating the presence of an alarm device. Of course, you don’t just want the sign; according to Canitec, the alarm system and surveillance by a home security firm are “the best bet” for hindering a burglary.

However, several burglars would flee when they see the sign, searching for a less complicated objective. It would be best if you put up posters in your yard and window stickers with the name of the security firm prominently displayed to make it clear that your home is safe.

A Mailbox & Trash Can

to make your house look lived-in. What is the first order of business? Emptying the mailbox to conceal your absence.

“Thieves have been known to keep an eye out on garbage days to see the houses aren’t throwing it out” (because it means the occupants are likely away). Asking a friend to throw out the trash regularly implies that no one notices the garbage has gone missing.”

Plant Vines Beside the Fence

Many people attempt to prevent plants from climbing their fences. However, we recommend accepting that plan for the sake of home comfort. “Thorny climbers grown over fences making them more difficult to scale,” the newspaper warns concerned readers. “Look for vigorously growing roses with spiny leaves, such as Rosa rugosa.”

Put Less Expensive Decoration Outside of Your House

Canitec provides yet another valuable bit of advice. Avoid drawing burglars to your front garden by not decorating it with costly adornments or grasses. Keep those novelty objects in your back garden, and make sure they’re well-secured to discourage intruders from stealing them. Always try to use less expensive decor products. Less expensive doesn’t suggest the ordinary outcomes.

Get A Pet Dog

Nothing says “off-limits” like a screaming, growling dog in your backyard. There are motion detectors with alarms that look like a barking puppy. An alert sign paired with a barking sensor can drive potential burglars away from your property.

Installing a “Beware of Dog” sign in your yard or leaving a bowl and a chain by your back door will deter burglars. Make sure it’s in a precise place. Any robbers could be prevented from entering your backyard simply by seeing the message. And both pieces are helpful even though you don’t have a puppy. A barking and growling canine is a deterrent to would-be burglars.

Keep valuables hidden

A gleaming new grill, outdoor TV, and pricey outdoor furniture will pique a burglar’s interest. Hide your valuable outdoor equipment if you aren’t going to use it. Please put it in the shed or cover it with a tarp.

Also, items of low monetary worth can be appealing to criminals. Ladders, lawn furniture, and toys are often stolen and sold at a nearby flea market by the burglar to make a fast buck or two.

Put it back where it belongs at the end of the day, particularly if you’re going on vacation.

Your Mailbox Should have Long House Numbers

According to Canitec, simple addition to your yard can make a significant difference in deterring burglars. “Burglars prefer dark houses that are impossible to distinguish by address, so they can give them precious spare moments if they are caught in the act.”

Don’t Plant Long Trees Near Your Window

Another important aspect of using your backyard to stop burglars? Don’t let settle any large tree near your fence or window. According to the data, you can plant or prune your trees so that the leaves do not overhang your house’s roof. A strong branch leading straight to a window or an upstairs balcony may provide a convenient way for burglars.

You can install a pretty — but powerful — protection device in your yard by planting shrubs and trees with sharp thorns. Everything from rose bushes to citrus trees to Washington hawthorns will develop thorns that can deter burglars. Canitec recommends planting roses, especially under windows, to deter intruders. You may also use plants with barbed leaves instead of natural thorns, as they would undoubtedly be just as difficult for burglars to encounter.

Cover Your Home Windows Properly

Cover Windows, thus ensuring that the windows in your garage or outbuilding are securely closed. They can also be covered to avoid curious eyes from peering in.

Rice paper or frosted window adhesive coverings enable light to pass through the window, thereby preventing others from seeing through the windows.

Shades, curtains, or draperies should be used on the ground floor windows of your house. Be sure you lock them at night.

Gate with Self-Locking Mechanism

Mount a self-locking latch that cannot be reached from the outside if you have a backyard fence.

The importance of locking the gate when accessing the property is often underestimated, and an open gate will provide convenient access for a burglar. A self-locking gate can assist in keeping thieves out. You can also use a fingerprint door lock or touchscreen deadbolt. Canitec already recommends some fantastic products. Check Now!

Display Signs

Place signage in high-traffic sections in your front and back yards. To stop would-be burglars, make sure the protection company’s signs are posted.

If you’re going to use a bogus surveillance camera, get some fake signs to go with it for added security. They are one of the most powerful methods of backyard defence.

Purchase and Install a Home Security System

Install cameras and motion sensors in your backyard that will sound an alarm if someone approaches the area. If an intruder is spotted in your backyard, specific home surveillance devices will immediately contact the police for you. You can also download phone updates to see what is going on in your house while you are gone.

To add extra protection to your garden or backyard field, use motion sensor lighting. As motion is observed, the light illuminates and remains illuminated for 1 to 20 seconds, depending on the timer setting. If activity is detected, the light will turn off automatically.

Place outdoor sensor lights along the sidewalks leading to every entrance. These lights may also be directed at decks, patios, and stairwells.

Install sensor lights at every entryway to the house or backyard for added protection. It is safest to place your motion sensor lights 6 to 10 feet off the ground.

You can use an outdoor security camera to protect the housebreakers and make your home safe.

Make Your Shed More Protected

Backyard sheds are a gold mine for burglars searching for simple loot such as power tools and machinery. The good news is that securing your shed is not expensive.

Many people carry ladders, tools, grills, and outdoor furniture outdoors all year. If you keep ladders around, make sure they are chained or padlocked.

To obtain access to second-story walls, a ladder may be used. After a day of yard work, remember to put the equipment away. Please place them in a shed or an enclosed garage.

Non-drying anti-climb paint

Anti-climb paint is available from several DIY stores and locksmiths. It is usually sold in 1 and 5-litre tins and comes in a few primary colours. It is used to discourage people from scrambling up rainwater pipes and other construction elements and over walls and roofs.

It should not be used on buildings, fences, or anything less than 2.4m in height, since this awful stuff might cover anyone inadvertently.

If many leaves are flying about in the fall, it’s not a brilliant idea to use it!

Use The Manufactured Spikes

We’ve seen the above, and I believe it might be helpful against the unprepared opportunist robber. However, a coat tossed over the top renders it worthless.

Before you buy it, consult with the local highways board and see what height they will allow it to be used if the fencing or wall surrounds a public highway or other property to which the public has access. It all depends on how they view its harmful status about the Highways Act. It is advised that product-specific warning signs be used.

Install A Alarm System

Your best option for avoiding fraud is to install an alarm system. An alarm is a significant barrier to a burglar, and if the burglar believes the alarm will go off, they will move on to a less complicated target. Although an alarm system cannot be installed in the backyard, you should ensure that a would-be burglar is aware that a surveillance system secures your house.

According to research, burglary warning signs can be just as powerful as the alarm itself, so make sure to post signs at all entrances to your home.

Wrapping Up

Securing the inside and outside of your house is still a good idea, but weaknesses in your backyard will even draw burglars.

Making your house less attractive to intruders can be accomplished by installing cameras and lighting, keeping your yard tidy, locking your shed and back door, and upgrading your fence.