Do Deadbolts Prevent Breakins?

Deadbolts are among the first thing you use to prevent break-ins but are they capable enough to do the job perfectly? Let’s find out.

What Is a Deadbolt?

Although it is a common piece of equipment for home security, many of us are still unaware of the term deadbolts, and we refer it to something else. To understand whether deadbolts prevent break-ins or not, you need first to understand what a deadbolt is and how it is used.

A deadbolt is the most common form of locking mechanism used for door security. Generally, it has a keyed lock cylinder and turning level on each side, making up the deadbolt lock. You will also find a deadbolt that has keyed lock on both sides.

How Does Deadbolt Work?

A deadbolt works by sliding the metal bolt into the door frame, which results in combing both. Typically, it can be opened by the specified key or the handle. Without access, it makes it hard to unlock the door, preventing forced entry and break-ins.

Different types of deadbolts are available, called single cylinder and double cylinder; however, the main functionality remains the same. Some require a key to open the lock from both sides, and some have a push button to unlock the deadbolt.

You can also use keyless deadbolt locks; it requires a pin to lock and unlock. They are more effective, functional, and reliable. Nevertheless, it all depends on individual ease of use and comfort.

Are the Deadbolt Locks Useful?

Any lock is better than no luck at all, and therefore, the answer to this question is evident that the deadbolts are helpful; it all depends on the quality of the lock you are going to use and where you are going to install it. We will see later on in the article whether deadbolts prevent break-ins or not.

Similarly, as the deadbolts can only be opened with a dedicated key, it is helpful to prevent unwanted unlocking and helps you prevent unauthorized access.

What Are the Benefits of Using the Deadbolts?

Deadbolts give you several benefits over using conventional locking systems. The foremost advantage of using the deadbolt, which you can see, is that the lock is inside the door and thus, it is well protected.

It protects you from forceful physical attack as the lock goes far into the door, you cannot smash it off, and similarly, you cannot take it out in any way when it is locked. Hence, using the deadbolt is highly durable and affordable, plus the installation is quite simple and straightforward.

Do Deadbolts Prevent Break-Ins?

Keeping in mind the information provided above in the article, it can be seen that deadbolts can be really practical and valuable if it is installed correctly. Other than that, using the advanced version of the deadbolt is recommended to enhance features and functionalities.

As mentioned earlier, typically, there are three deadbolts you will find, and then you can get an advanced version of any of these types. Let’s have a quick overview of each type to understand better whether it can help you prevent break-ins or not.

Single cylinder

This type of door consists of a twist knob on one side and a keyhole on the other side; usually, you will find the keyhole on the outer side. It is installed inside the door, and you can see that it only works manually with a key or a knob. Although single cylinder locks are easy to install and convenient, it is easier to bypass the lock with tricks such as pin pliers.

Double cylinder

These locks come with a double-sided keyhole; you will require a key to use the lock from the outside and the inside. It is also mounted inside the door and is one of the most secured types of deadbolt as it requires a dedicated key to unlock.

It makes it feasible for the doors to have a glass frame because double cylinder deadbolt locks cannot be opened with a knob, and you will need a key no matter what. However, on the other hand, the drawback of using this type of lock is that it takes time to unlock, and it is not suitable in case of emergency.

To overcome this, here comes another type of deadbolt, and that is a keyless lock.

Keyless deadbolt

Key is always hard to find if you misplace it by mistake and also not a feasible way of locking when you have other solutions.

Keyless deadbolts are now available and, as the name suggests, do not require keys to lock or unlock the deadbolts; instead, you can do it with a pin code.

Keyless deadbolts are more effective, reliable, and easy to use than other types, and thus it offers better security options. You can give the pin code to only authorized personnel, and in this way, the person without a code cannot break-in at all, making it the best one of all. Based on the features, you may find this deadbolt locks a bit expensive compared to other types.

Which Type of Lock Is Better?

There is no clear-cut answer to this question as it all depends on your conditions and the requirements. From this article, you will understand the most common type of deadbolts and, after going through that, analyze the provision and state for which you need to use the deadbolt and, based on that, choose the deadbolt that is best for you.


As you can see, there are benefits of using the deadbolts because it is properly installed; however, it is risky and not a foolproof solution. It would be best if you did not only rely on the deadbolts for security; however, it is valuable in adding an extra layer of security. It might not help prevent the break-ins, but it can prolong the process, and in the meantime, you can call someone for help.