The PHYSEN WiFi Camera Waterproof Doorbell Review

PHYSEN WiFi Camera Waterproof Doorbell kit Product Image

One of the first peephole cameras that actually pay attention to the small details, such as visual aesthetics.

Merely gazing at the PHYSEN leaves a user mesmerized by the sleek design and carefully crafted features, all entangled in a perfectly immaculate fashion.

Where other models pride themselves on their functionality, this company takes it a step further and lures the user in with its confidence-inducing exterior.

Is there a pearl hidden under this magnanimous oyster or will it leave us disappointed with all sizzle and no steak?


  • Camera Sensitive To Movement

While this is slowly but surely becoming the industry standard, what separates the PHYSEN from the rest of the pack is the intricacy of the software looming inside.

Picking up any sort of hush from afar or up close, you’ll never miss a piece of any action transpiring near your doors.

  • Compatible With Your Phone

PHYSEN WiFi Camera Waterproof Doorbell kit Mobile Application

So long the Wi-Fi doesn’t run out, neither will the all-accompanying scope and control of yours on the property this camera is installed on.

  • Weatherproof And Inferable Nightvision

No turmoil will prove worthily enough to disturb the unhinged workings of the PHYSEN.

Interlopers that try to play it smart by waiting for the night to settle will find themselves falling short as the integrated nightvision won’t let a vulture near your house.

  • Supports Memory Storage Of Up To 32GB

Nothing like have a camera that can’t last longer than a damn hour without overwriting all of your imported data.

That’s why this model enables you to boost your footage capabilities to extraordinary lengths, all for the added safety of your attire.

The Advantages

  • Automatically Snaps Pictures Of Suspicious Behavior

Contrary to popular belief, a thief doesn’t just show up, breaking in like a frenzied madman. Many of them inspect the target property beforehand, scoping out the possibilities and possible failure of your security system.

PHYSEN WiFi Camera Waterproof Doorbell kit Outside Use

That’s why any person that dares come near your house, without ringing the doorbell (every ring automatically sends a notification to your phone) gets a nice little mugshot.

With the added capability of determining how many seconds a prospect has to ring the bill while on the front porch, the last line of defense gets that much more potent.

  • Huge Scope Of The Camera

While the 720 HD camera is not worthy of any bragging rights, it excels at cutting and covering the corners that you would least expect it to overshadow.

That small loophole is oftentimes the thieves only chance at your property and the 160-degree rotatable camera, strips him of that honor.

  • Easy To Install

Besides not requiring a degree of all aspects in video technology, you don’t have to change the impression of your front yard.

Simply remove the old doorbell and mount the PHYSEN, as it has been designed to fit on almost any door conceivable.

The Disadvantages

  • The Instruction Manual Was Laden With Grammatical Mistakes

Call me a fancy-Nancy, but some degree of professionalism is required when putting in a guide that is there to aid the user, not bother him with the many language misdemeanors.

The writing was intelligible, and I could make out what do and how to do it, good thing the device was easy to install, or I would have been at my wits ends!


This is definitively the artist’s choice. The aesthetics and general graciousness of the design make it catnip for the aesthetes among us.

Let’s not forget to mention the amazing technology behind the PHYSEN and you have yourself a well-rounded model with above-average appeal!

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