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How To Paint A Brick House

We always want our brick house to look as beautiful as possible, and painting it is the way forward. Brick houses can be shaped into a modern outlook and yet look traditional. You can design the brick houses the way you want. Painting allows you to give a fresh look to your home; it is a way to renovate and increase the value of your house without spending a huge amount of money.

A quick and easy way to update the outlook of your house, painting can also help you boost your home’s curb appeal and provide protection from the extreme weather and other outside elements. Besides that, a painted brick house is easier to clean and requires less maintenance than an unpainted house.

Whether you want to give your house a trending look or want the brick walls to provide an aesthetic eye, we know that painting can help us achieve it, but painting is not as easy on the brick house as it seems. However, if you know how to paint a brick house and follow the procedure, you can do it perfectly.

If you are not sure how to paint a brick house, continue reading this article, and in the end, you will have all the required information, and after reading it carefully, you will be able to paint your brick house yourself.

Paint a brick house

Although painting is something, you can DIY, painting a brick house requires you to follow a certain procedure for effective results. After all, the purpose of painting is to give a new and fresh look to the house and therefore it should be done correctly. Let’s now talk about the right way and procedure to follow when painting a brick house.


To start painting the house, you need to spend a few days preparing for it. The more prepared you are, the better you are going to paint the house.


Before you start painting, you need to clean your brick house to be painted efficiently.

The preparations start with pressure washing the brick house as it will help you in cleaning it. Pressure washing will allow you to get rid of all kinds of dirt, efflorescence, cobwebs, and other similar substances.

You can use scrubbing the bricks with a nylon-bristle scrub brush, wire brush, or any other material you want for the interior. The purpose is to get rid of mildew, dust, or residue.

Gather the required materials

You should have all the materials and tools ready at your disposal before you start painting the brick house, as stopping in between might affect the outcome. Mainly you will need a paintbrush, roller, primer, drop cloths, and most importantly, the paint.

Select the paint wisely as there are various options available. For maximum durability, elastomeric paint is preferred. On the other hand, if you are looking for less expensive options, you can opt for acrylic latex paint. It all depends on you which paint you select for your brick house.


After cleaning the bricks, you might notice holes, gaps, or cracks in the bricks. Inspect it carefully and then repair it before you start painting. Use acrylic exterior latex caulk for minor issues and use mortar paste where necessary.

Protect surfaces

The last thing you have to do before starting paint is to protect the surfaces. You need to cover and seal off the windows, doors, and any other item placed beside the area you will paint. Either use drop clothes to protect surfaces or plastic sheeting, whatever is available.


Make sure that you give 24 hours after cleaning the house. Let it dry completely, and then start painting. You should also know that painting should not be done on wet or damaged bricks; it should be dry, clean, and clear. Therefore, follow the above instructions carefully.

Apply primer

The first step in this regard is to apply the latex or masonry primer. You can use a roller, spray, or a brush, whatever suits the type of surface you will paint. Let the primer dry fully before you move to the next step.

Apply paint

You have already chosen the paint you are going to use for a brick house, now is the time to apply it. Start painting from the top, use spray or brush whatever suits you the best. Mortar lines need to be taken care of when you are painting the brick house.

Once you are done with the first layer of paint, you may want to apply roller paint to ensure that each spot is covered. You can use the roller the way you wish to; however, going up and down is preferred as it helps fill the gaps and cover the entire area.

Let the paint dry for a day, and then go for a second coat if you think it is necessary.


Painting a house is a wonderful experience, and we always want to do it on our own. However, we often drop the idea as it seems complicated to us, but you can see that painting a brick house is not difficult. You get a smooth experience if you follow the right set of instructions.

By going through this article, you will have a hand at all the required information, and you will know exactly how to paint a brick house. After you have scanned through this piece of information, you are ready to renovate your house the way you want.