The Most Important Component of Door Peephole Cameras

The Most Important Component of Door Peephole Cameras

Door peephole cameras are cameras that are embedded in your front door, or any other door that opens to the rest of the world. There’s a misconception that door peephole cameras are used primarily for the front door. This is wrong.

If you have a door that faces to the rest of the world, and I’m not talking about an indoor courtyard or an inner compound, I’m talking about facing the public street, then that door could use a door peephole camera or two. It’s important to understand that this device is a very important part of your home’s internal and external security infrastructure.

The more you invest in your security infrastructure, the more peace of mind you’d get. First of all, there is the deterrent capability. When would-be robbers see a sign that proclaiming to the world that your premises are protected by close circuit TV cameras, they’re on notice. They know that if they screw around, their image would be captured and to makes matters worse, they don’t know where the cameras are.

While they can spot a few cameras, I’m sure they’re not going to spot all of them. Most homes would have several cameras taking footage from different angles. This means that if the bad guys manage to knock out a couple of cameras, they’re still being filmed. They’re still being recorded, and it’s only a matter of time until the authorities figure out who they are and get
to them.

As important as all of these may be, you have to understand that a door peephole camera is actually composed of many different components. On its face, door peephole camera involves the camera that is embedded in your door. This is the part of the unit that actually takes images of the people appearing in front of your door. This unit shoots footage. It’s easy to think that this is all there is to the peephole camera. In other words, the value or the feasibility of this piece of security equipment rises and falls based on how adequate the camera is. While it is true that a lot is riding on how well the camera captures images of the people in front of it, it would be foolish to think that camera quality is the end all and be all of selecting and deploying these supplemental pieces of home security gear.

On the other side of the camera is the screen. This is the display screen that shows what footage is being shot. This is pretty straightforward. You can adjust the screen to control the camera, as well as play around with the image quality. While the camera is taking footage, there is a storage device built into the camera. This is actually the most imprint component of door peephole cameras.

Now, this might come as a shock to you because most people would think that the most important component is the camera. They assume that if the image that you are taking is a fairly low level quality image, then nothing’s going to happen as far as your security and protection are concerned. That’s not necessarily true.

As long as you are able to take some image that’s good enough because in conjunction with the close circuit camera TV network you have installed, the authorities should have enough information to identify whoever victimized your premises. Other people would argue that it’s the screen that is most important.

While it is true that you use the screen to make image adjustments and otherwise control the camera, if there was no recording device built into the camera, then it doesn’t really matter how awesome the display is. It doesn’t really matter how many intuitive icons and buttons the display has. It’s wasted because the camera only takes live footage. In other words, you’re only made aware of what’s going on right now, but it doesn’t really help you, as far as making insurance claims or complaining to the police goes.

If it isn’t clear yet, let me spell it out. The most important component of door peephole cameras is the recording device. You need to make sure that you pick cameras that do a solid job of recording footage. Also, the unit must be able to record a huge amount of footage over an extended period of time.

Finally, the recording unit must be easily accessible. In other words, you only need to plug ion a USB cable or access the storage device through your Wi-Fi system to access the data. Keep this in mind because if you screw around with the recording capability, your door peephole cameras, regardless of how expensive and fancy they otherwise may be, are simply wastes of money.