How Do You Make Spy Glasses with A Camera

A while ago, only professional spies required glasses that could record activities, such as criminal activities and monitoring criminals. Spy glasses helped a lot in monitoring the suspects in order to make sure that they get caught quickly.

However, the situation is quite different. Anyone can buy a good pair of spy glasses that they can use for either fun purposes or for recording a suspicious activity. Spy glasses are designed just like the ones we use in everyday life, so not everybody can tell if you are wearing spy glasses or just standard glasses.

In addition to recording for spying purposes, spy glasses can also be used in critical events without using a camera. With spy glasses, you won’t need to take out your camera every time there is an important event, you must wear your glasses, and they’ll do the job for you. However, spy glasses can be expensive because they have a lot of small equipment.

But the good news is that you can make spy glasses by yourself at home in a few easy steps. So, let’s see how you can make spy glasses with a camera at home.

What will you need to make spy glasses at home?

In order to make spy glasses by yourself, you will need the following:

  • Small camcorder
  • Cable strippers
  • Hot glue gun
  • Heat shrinks tubing
  • Soldering station

Which camera should you use?

You can use any small camcorder, but if you need high-quality footage from your spy glasses, you should consider getting a camera with the following specifications. First, you should consider an option with a 9-volt power clip. Second, the camera should have a viewing angle of about 30-35 degrees.

Moreover, you should consider getting one with an automatic iris and adjustable focus. Finally, consider the battery options and choose one which has at least 10 hours of battery life on one charge.

Now, the following are the steps that you need to follow.

Step 1: Preparing the Camera

Carefully trim the molding on the wires of the camera to reveal the inner wiring. Most cameras have four wires. The wires are for power, ground, audio, and video, respectively, and they are wired through three connectors. When you see the inner wiring, cut it about four inches from the camera. This will ensure that there is enough wire at the other end of the camera.

Step 2: Extending the Wiring

Next, you should add about three feet of new wires with each line of the inner wiring. Then, to extend the wire, you must mark where each line of the wiring is. After that, solder a suitable length of the wire to every one of the four wiring lines coming from the camcorder. Consequently, you have to add shrink tubing. Remember that you will need to solder the other ends of the wire, even after adding the shrink tubing.

Step 3: Installing the Camera

Finally, you have to install the camera. Pick a pair of glasses that has a lot of room for a camcorder to be installed. Install the camcorder in the corner of the glasses and attach it with hot glue. Ensure that you have thoroughly cleaned the glasses before installing the camera because you won’t have access to the area again. Then, make sure to secure the wiring of the camcorder along with the arm of the glasses. This will ensure that there is no wire to be seen coming from the camcorder.

Step 4: Connecting the Camera

Connect the camera with a 9-volt battery that you can hang onto your bag whenever you have to record. Then, you can easily hide the wiring coming from the camcorder to the back of your neck, through your shirt, into your pocket.

The Result

Congrats, you have perfectly functioning spy glasses that you can efficiently operate without the need of holding a camera. Instead, you just put your glasses on and record anything you want to!


Now you know the complete procedure that you can easily follow to make spy glasses with a camera. Learning about the process will help you in the long term and will allow you to save resources and money.