How to Make German shepherd Stronger?

German shepherds are naturally active, smart, and strong, and it is because of their diverse qualities, they are largely being used as watchdogs. Having excellent strength, German shepherds are one of the few breeds that are preferred to be trained as military dogs. However, they are not born as strong as they are in their adulthood. It is how you deal with them and give training in their early years that makes them strong.

You cannot make a German shepherd strong in one day. It involves huge efforts that take years to attain the strength you see in German shepherds used for security and protection. Ranging from hardcore exercises to a proper diet, this article is going to provide you with a comprehensive guide about how to make German shepherds stronger. Ultimately, a stronger and healthier dog is much more beneficial than a weak dog, no matter if you are going to use them for security or not.

How you can make your German shepherd stronger

These days, most German shepherd owners are worried because their dog is underweighted, thin, or is not strong as their counterpart. A German shepherd is a breed that is the most active and needs to be strong in order to live fully. Make your German shepherd stronger, active, and healthier by following guidelines.

Keep a weight record

Among the first things that determine how healthy a dog is, is its weight. Weight tells a lot about a person, and the same goes for dogs. If you only have the weight record, you can see how healthy your German shepherd is and where it needs to improve in regard to gaining strength. All other steps that you will take also depend on the weight record, as you can clearly see if your German shepherd is gaining weight, losing, or is it the same after following a specified plan.

Offer protein enriched and high standard food

See what you are giving your German shepherd to feed. The standard of feed matters a lot, and you should not settle for low-quality if you want to have a stronger and fit German shepherd. Remember that their protein requirements vary from age to age and also fluctuate with other factors, such as their size and physical activities involved.

The right amount and high-quality feed are vital to achieving perfect health and being stronger. For more information, you can see here how much to feed a German shepherd.

Use dry food

When it comes to quality of feed, dry food seems to be better than wet food. Dry food has more calories in less quantity as it takes the moisture out of it. Use a mixture if your German shepherd is used to the wet food.

Set up a mealtime

Right food at the right time will not only help in good digestion but will also make the German shepherd utilize the energy properly. A routine helps the digestion system to work at its best, and this, in return, keeps the shepherd healthy, making it stronger.

You need to see how often you need to offer feed in a day. If you are feeding three times a day and the German shepherd is still underweight, you can add an extra meal. Keep in mind that snack is different from food, and you should not stop it.

Get to exercise

A German shepherd is a large breed and is naturally active; however, to gain and retain strength, it needs regular exercise. This, again, depends on age factors and their physical ability. For further information, see here how much exercise a German shepherd needs.

Set up an exercise program according to the specific conditions of your German shepherd and stick to it for some time. Consistency is the key. Add a variety of exercises in routine, such as swimming, and adjust the intensity of the workout as per the requirement. Physical exercises will help build muscles and strengthen the bones, making the German shepherd stronger.

Regular vet check-ups

German shepherds are prone to injuries, body pain, and other health issues. In order to make them stronger, both mental and physical health has a vital role. For that, keep visiting your veterinarian, especially after you feel unusual behavior, feel dizzy, or do not eat properly.


A healthy and stronger dog proves to be a great partner rather than a weak dog. Hardcore exercises, along with proper food intake, help German shepherds balance their weight, and this makes them feel stronger and better every day.

Remember that you cannot make a difference overnight. It’s a long-term process, and you need to be consistent with a routine. With this, see your German shepherd grow stronger and better, as compared to the previous days. If you have a German shepherd, do you have anything else to add that makes them stronger?