How can I make my door more secure?

It has been seen that most of the robberies and break-in occurs because of the inadequate doors. When it comes to security and protection, the priority always remains the same, and that is to make the door secure to the max as it is the first thing intruders will come across; if it is not secure enough, there is nothing that can stop the intruders coming into your house, office, or building.

No matter where you live, adding security is always a good idea, and it pays off when it protects you from burglars and thieves. As the doors are the first barriers between you and the trespassers, it is up to you to ensure maximum security at this point.

You will not find a single person denying the importance of door security. Considering its significance, people search for ways to make the door more secure, but not all of the ways you will find are applicable or serve the basic purpose of providing security.

How can I make my door more secure remains the question mark as you will find uncertain ways to do the task, but as you are here, you are lucky enough that you are going to get all the relevant information, tips, and tricks to make the door more secure?

We have thoroughly researched the topic and finalized the applicable, relevant, and reliable ways, plus you can apply any of it quickly and easily, and it will serve the purpose in the best possible manner.

How to Make the Door More Secure?

To make the door secure is essential for each of one us, and we try everything in our hands to make the doors more secure so that it can resist an intrusion.

While you may have tried some methods before, going through this article will help you find out the best technique and procedure you can follow to make the door secure as much as possible. Let’s explore each option one by one and see which you can do it quickly.

Door locks

A door lock is the first thing we use, and it is one of the most common, affordable, and effective methods. However, using conventional locks is no longer helpful, and they are easy to break.

Luckily, now you can find advanced and upgraded door locks which cannot be bypassed easily and provides the best door security. The lock mechanism defines the level of door security, and the more advanced it is, the more secure your door will be.

Using Grade 1 deadbolts for door security is preferred to ensure maximum security of the door; they are easy to use, highly effective, and affordable.

We often ignore here that we don’t change the key when shifting to a new place; there is a high probability that someone will have access to the keys used by the previous homeowners. It is recommended that you change the lock if you shift to a new place or re-key the lock.

Video doorbell

Installing a camera or door viewer is handy as it allows you to see who is at the door. When it comes to security, knowing who is at the door is an important aspect, and in this way, you can allow access to only the known persons.

Other than that, installing a security camera and using the motion sensor lights are also helpful in keeping the burglars away from your home, and thus you can say it helps you protect the doors and make them more secure.

Tamper-proof screws, hinges, and strike plates

The doors are generally installed with regular hinges and screws, but intruders can easily unsecure them and get access to the doors with essential tools.

Similarly, a strike plate is another main component of the door and plays a vital role in keeping the door secure and in place. Now you will find an advanced strike box that can be used instead of plates; the box is more effective and reliable in providing support and reliability.

When it comes to screws, you should be using tamper-proof nuts and screws, which require a unique tool for detaching, and the intruders will hardy have it and will not put much effort.

When securing the hinges, you can use safety studs, grooved pins, or whatever you believe will make it more secure and safe.

Door frame

The door frame, or what is commonly known as the door jamb, is another crucial factor other than nuts and screws. Reinforcing it with a strip of metal or wood will make it more secure and add a layer of safety and security to the door.

Door material

No matter what you use for an added layer of security, it can easily break through if the door is made with poor-quality material. Using solid wood of high quality is the right option; however, steel-made doors are more reliable and secure. Whatever the door type is, the choice of material highly affects the overall security.

Use door security bar

Using the door security bar is a valuable and affordable technique to add an extra level of protection and security. It supports and gives strength to the door and prevents the intruders from breaking into the door.


This article is all about how you can make the door more secure, and we are sure that you will find it informative and helpful at the same time. You can apply one technique or combining the different tips and tricks; it all depends on how much you want to secure the door.

It would be best if you did not forget that using any of the above methods will be effective as long as you keep the maintained as required. Therefore, you must keep monitoring the door and the security system you will use, repair, or change whatever is necessary to ensure the door’s integrity.

While you have many options to make the door more secure, this article will help you take the initiative with simple and effective solutions that you can apply without any expertise or spending a considerable amount of money. Go through all the points and use the method you think will benefit you the most.