Cheap Ways To Make Your House Safe From Burglars

Not everything requires deep pockets to solve every problem, and the same goes with making your house safe from burglars. No matter where you live, intruders are everywhere, and they try to invade your home as soon as they see there are no security measures in place.

It’s not only about keeping your valuable items safe and secure, but it is also about you and your family. The home is where you spend your quality time with each other, and it must be kept safe and secure as no burglars can interrupt privacy and security.

As said earlier, you don’t always need a huge amount of money when you have cheap ways to make your house safe from burglars. All you need is to play smart and follow this article for more information as here we are going to discuss the low-budget and yet highly effective ways to make your house safe from burglars.

Let’s get straight into it without interruption and talk about how to secure your home the cheaper way.

Secure the doors and windows

Doors and windows are the most vulnerable part of your house as most of the burglars try to break in through these channels. Securing the doors and windows means you have achieved half of the security. The best way is to keep the doors and windows locked, especially when you leave the house. There are many other methods to keep the doors safe and secure, which leads to the following methods.

Update your locks

Locks are the primary devices that you used to secure the doors and windows. The more reliable and robust it is, the more secure the door will be. If your locks are from the old ages, it’s time to upgrade them with deadbolts, and if you like, you can go for smart locks that offer more advanced features such as remote control.

Reinforcement of doors and windows

Besides upgrading the locks, the door and windows themselves must be strong enough to bear the pressure as burglars try to break into the house. A flimsy door is just a kick away to allow entry to burglars, and therefore strengthening it is necessary.

Make sure that the doors and windows are made with reliable materials; they are not broken or damaged in any way. Plus, make sure that the strike plate is in place with proper screwing, frames are attached correctly, and hinges are strong enough to bear the pressure.

Keep valuables out of sight

Burglars are more attracted to your house when they get to know about the valuable items in your home. Keeping the valuables hidden does not cost you a single penny and is a way to keep burglars away in the first place.

Set up outdoor lights

Outdoor light is a cheap option if you want to make your house safe from burglars. As most of the burglar’s break in during the night hours, installing outdoor lights will signal that they will be caught if they try to come near the house. This small step acts as a barrier and makes the burglars move away from your property.

Motion sensing lights

Another advanced option we have in this regard is installing motion-sensing lights outside and inside the house. With motion sensing features, you don’t have to keep the lights open all the time as they will put the spotlight as soon as it detects a movement, and burglars will run away. Burglars cannot roam around the house undetected, and this will keep them away from home.

Hide your keys smartly

Keeping the keys beside the door, under the doormat, or in a flowerpot is no longer useful as burglars are already aware of such places. For that reason, you need to be wise when hiding your keys. Find the unexpected place to hide and do not to anyone about it.

Adding a security camera

Cameras are important for security and protection, and with the recording feature, you have a piece of solid evidence in case anything happens. However, this might go out of your budget if you install the cameras at different spots. To keep it budget-friendly, you need to identify the most vulnerable places and there install security cameras.

If you don’t want to spend on that either, you can set up fake security cameras around the house. The burglars will not get an idea of its originality, and they will not try to break into the house having security cameras installed.

Make burglars think you are at home

Most burglars only intrude in an empty house, but if you make them think you are home, your house will be safe from burglars. The easiest way to ensure it is by keeping the lights on, especially during the night but keeping in mind the energy consumption, you can go for smart lights that can turn on and off periodically. Smart lights are available at an affordable cost, and it proves to be an effective way to make your house safe from burglars.

Similarly, not keeping the house neat and clean gives a signal to the burglars that no people are living in the house, and they can get into it easily. Thus, you need to ensure cleanliness, more importantly, from the outside to make the burglars think people live in the house.


Making your house safe and secure is important, and every homeowner takes all the measures in their capacity to ensure foolproof security. Considering that, we have come up with cheap ways to make your house safe from burglars, and you can see that the methods discussed above require significantly less or no money at all, and in return, enhance protection and security.

Start with one and then apply a combination of ways mentioned above to ensure maximum protection and live your lives peacefully.