What is a Key Fob for Security?

Do you keep your valuable items at your homes and are worried about the safety and protection, not only of the valuable things but most importantly, your family? Well, it is not a problem anymore, you may have heard about the home protection system and its evolution day by day.

There is one thing you come across when we talk about home security, and that is a key fob.

Key fob is an important element for security, and due to the lack of information, many people often get confused and cannot take advantage of the technology in real terms.

To make sure that you know all about home security, this article will present to you a comprehensive guide of what is a key fob for security, how it works, and what role it plays in the protection system.

Key Fob for Security

A security key fob is a wireless remote-control device that performs the function of arming and disarming your home security system. It provides the same function as that of car clickers in which you can lock and unlock your car. The security key fob can lock and unlock the security system of your house as well.

Suppose there is a break-in at your house or in any such situation, the alarm sensors are then triggered. In that case, the panic mode gets activated, through which an alert is sent to the alarm monitoring service, informing them that an emergency is in progress.

Security key fobs are highly practical because they protect you and your loved ones from possible break-ins. Having a key fob near you during an emergency can always come in handy.


Key fob remotes are portable compact devices; these wireless remotes help you carry the key fobs anywhere without any problem. It also has long-lasting lithium batteries.

When the key fob functions using reliable lithium batteries, their usage can last up to 5 years. When these batteries run out, it is generally very easy to replace them with new ones, saving you the hassle of hiring a professional.

How Do Key Fobs Work?

Key fobs use RFID technology. This radio frequency identification is used to communicate with the door latch that the key fobs are supposed to open. They can be programmed to do so, and the RFID technology acts as an electronic barcode.

But unlike the barcode reader, the position of the key fob with the door latch is not specific. So whenever there is a little distance between the key fob and the door, it can be opened.

Having said that, the number of key fobs that can open a specific door can be up to eight, and all of those key fobs are programmed for that specific door. Whenever they are in close proximity with the door latch, they can grant access to the person.

You can keep all your key fobs to yourself, or you can provide your workers, babysitters, trusted neighbors, or anyone else without worrying about your security.

How are Key Fobs Programmed?

No doubt that key fobs have a lot of practical uses, but one downside of it is that they can be quite difficult to program. In order to do so, you must have an RFID writer and a minimum of one blank key fob. The information from the existing key fob can be copied into the blank one through the RFID writer, and the new key fob will be programmed to serve the same purpose as the other key fob.

Why Use a Key Fob Security System?

Using a key fob offers almost the same practicality as a metal key, however, one advantage of it is that if you lose a key fob, it can be easily blocked.

By using a key fob security system, you have increased accessibility to control the security system of your house. The security system is transparent, as more freedom and accessibility are provided. All of these factors provide an extra measure of security for your house. Other than that, you can control your alarm system by using the key fob on control panels located at different locations in the house.

The key fob control panel can be provided in several locations on different floors or at every entrance in the house. A portable key fob helps you control the security system through all these accessible areas.

Although there can be control panels in several locations for you to hit the panic button, most of the time, during any inconvenience such as a security breach or another home emergency, you might not be able to send the alert to the company in such a situation. However, when you have a key fob security system, you can carry the key fob to you, anywhere in the house, making it easier for you to alert the monitoring company.

Key fobs are also highly portable. You can place your key fob on the nightstand so if any breach occurs, you can have quick access to the key fob and trigger alarms. Whenever you are going out to the garden to get fresh air, you can take it there with you, so if an unlucky situation arises, you can always keep yourself safe by triggering panic mode.

You can access your security control panel through a key fob, as well as a smartphone. But the smartphones are only usable when you are going out of the house so you can keep an eye on the security control panel, but when you are in the house, key fobs offer the best utility to access the control panel and activate the panic mode quickly.

Not everyone can access the control panel through smartphones, such as children or elderly people, so key fobs make this task easier for them. They are safe to be given to children and grandparents who, whenever the situation arises, can arm or disarm the home security system.

Another advantage is no passcode needs to be remembered, this is a rather great feature for your grandparents. They provide quick access and an easy way to the control panel of your security system.

Key fobs provide you with flexibility. You can give your key fobs to trusted people so if a situation arises, anyone can trigger the alarm system. This helps in a way if the key fobs were accessible to one or two people only, they might not be able to arm or disarm the system as required, but when it is accessible to many trusted people, literally any one of them can just push a button, and the alarm system will be triggered.


In a nutshell, we can say that key fobs are highly practical electronic control devices, which can provide an extra layer of protection for you and your loved ones. In a time of misfortune, key fobs can come in handy and can guarantee that you and your family are protected. It is something you should really have. A device that is essential for the protection and security that you need for yourself and your home.