Keeping Your Children Safe At The Door

Keeping Your Children Safe At The Door


With some areas experiencing an increase in crime and opportunistic people getting more reckless and brazen, it’s important to be able to feel safe in your own home. And not only should you feel safe, your family should too. How do you feel about your children answering the door when you are not around? While it is completely safe for them to do so most of the time, you still don’t know who could be on the other side of the door and what their intentions may be. This is why you need to increase the security at your homes first point of entry, the front door.

How Can My Children Be Safer At The Door?

While having your children answer the door is common practice and sometimes you may have the luxury of a locked screen door, security should still be your top priority. Your children may answer the door when you are unavailable or not around and you need to know that they can handle any situation that may arise. We all know that kids can be very naive and too trusting at times so it’s important that they know all about safety and what to do in encounters with strangers. So how can your child be safer at the door? With a door peephole camera of course.

What Does A Door Peephole Camera Do?

A door peephole camera gets installed into your front door just like any peephole would and it records your visitors when they get within its range. You can also watch the footage in real time on an LCD screen so you can see right away who is at your door. Think of it has having caller ID for your front door, instead of when someone rings your phone and their name or number comes up, your peephole camera will display their face to you so that they can be easily identified.

How Can My Children Benefit From This?

Your children are most likely not tall enough to see through the peephole on your door and sometimes they can feel nervous about opening the door for a stranger. If you just have one door and no screen door in front then anyone could potentially make their way inside your home with ease if an unsuspecting child was to open the door for them. With a door peephole camera, your child can go to a fixed location where you have mounted your LCD screen and they can watch the live feed from the front door. They can then make a decision on whether or not to answer the door and can safely watch the unexpected visitor leave afterward.

Your child never has to go anywhere near the door so the person on the other side doesn’t even have to know that anyone is home. They can safely watch a visitor come and go and having a door peephole camera can truly allow you to have peace of mind knowing that your child doesn’t ever have to answer the door to strangers ever again. This technology is absolutely revolutionary and it presents your children with a never before seen opportunity to stay safe when answering the door. With the low cost and ease of installation, why wouldn’t want to get a door peephole camera to keep your children safe at the door?