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How To Keep Bees Away From House

We all know the importance of bees for our agricultural industry, environment, and wildlife, but we don’t want bees to come into our house. Having bees at your home is annoying, and if you don’t get rid of them at the start, you won’t be able to live peacefully in your house.

People who are frustrated want to kill all the bees and get rid of them once and for all. Killing is not a suitable option when we have ways and techniques to keep bees away from the house. Since we are used to using chemicals to get rid of insects and bees, we are not much aware of how to keep bees away from your house.

It doesn’t mean that you start killing the bees right away. If you are reading this, spend a few minutes more in reading this article, and you will know the most effective and easy ways to keep bees away from the house without affecting them in any way.

Keep the bees away from the house

Bees sting when they feel threatened, and it can turn out to be a terrible experience if you are allergic to bees. Consequently, it turns out to be crucial that you know how you can keep bees away from home.

No matter why bees are attracted to your house, by implementing the below-mentioned ways, you will be able to keep them away. Without any more delay, let’s now talk about the solution.

Clean your yard

It is obvious that bees come from the outside and most probably from your yard or garden. If you don’t want to invite bees to your home, you will need to keep your yard neat and clean. For this, first, check out nesting areas and remove the nest if you have found any. Get rid of litter, dry leaves, trash, and untidiness to keep bees away from your surroundings. Plus, dispose of the junk directly dumpster and don’t leave anything unnecessary in your yards such as old appliances, furniture pieces, and tools.

Patch up the entryways

All it is needed for bees to enter your house is a small hole. Make sure that you have blocked all the possible entryways, and for this, you need to inspect your house properly and fill the gaps and holes with caulk or metal screens.

Plants and flowers

Though it is beneficial and healthy to plant inside your house, some plants and flowers such as honeysuckles and oregano attract bees towards it, and you should avoid them planting inside of your house. However, if you love gardening, try to keep it away from your house.

Cover the food

Leaving the food item unattended will surely going to attract a herd of bees. Do not leave the food outside your house and even if you have placed it inside, try to keep a cover of it.

Stagnant water

Stagnant water is another attraction for the bees, especially during the summer. Though it is good that you keep the water pot for the bees to drink in hot weather, make sure that there is no dripping or standing water near your house. You can place a bowl of water away from your house so that bees do not come near the house searching for water.

Use of peppermint plants

Just like some plants attract bees, you will also find plants that bees don’t like, and it helps you keep them away. The bees dislike the scent of peppermint plants, plant them around your house, and it will keep them away. The Marigold plant is also a bee repellent plant.

If you don’t want to plant peppermint around the house, you can use the peppermint oil, spray a little around the house, and the smell of it will do its work.

Essential oils

Peppermint oil is not the only one disliked by the bees. You can also use lemongrass, lavender, or any other essential oil that acts as a bee deterrent. Take a few drops of oil, mix it with water and spray it around; the bees will go away.

Use of garlic

Garlic is another bee repellent that you can use in multiple ways. Either keep a bowl of chopped garlic gloves near the spots or make a powder and sprinkle it around the house; both forms will work effectively. If you are placing a bowl with crushed garlic, make sure that you choose the right spot near the patio doors and windows.


Cinnamon is another natural bee repellent; the smell of it keeps the bees away. Sprinkle it around your house daily or weekly as required.

Cucumber peels

How easy it is to keep bees away from the house, place cucumber peels around the windows and the doors, and in a few days, you will notice that no bees are coming inside of your house. You can’t use the same cucumber peel for the rest of your life; replace them when you feel they are no longer effective.


Vinegar can be used for multiple purposes, including to keep bees away from the house. All you need is to place a bottle of distilled vinegar from where you want to get rid of bees, open the bottle, and the bees will go away.


Next time you see the bees in your house, you know exactly what you need to do. All the methods and techniques bring up in this article are simple, quick, and yet highly effective. Use any of the methods you find the easiest and keep the bees away from the house.