Installing A Door Peephole Camera Is So Easy My Grandma Could Do It!

Installing A Door Peephole Camera Is So Easy My Grandma Could Do It!

Many people tend to skimp on their home security for some reason and think that it is either too costly or too hard to set up. The reality is that keeping your home secure is now easier than ever and there are even security devices that you can install yourself. A door peephole camera is one of these features and installing one in your door is so easy that your grandma could do it with ease. No matter how technologically challenged or mechanically incompetent she may be, installing one is a breeze and for the security that one can offer, she would be crazy to not get one.

Why Should I Get A Door Peephole Camera?

A door peephole camera allows you to see exactly what is happening at your door in real time. The live feed can be displayed on an LCD screen that is mounted to your door but you can also hook it up to a portable LCD screen too that you can carry around or mount in a different room. The footage can automatically start recording as soon as someone comes within the camera’s range and you can instantly see who has decided to pop around for a visit. This is essentially like having caller ID for your door and it enables you to screen every single visitor you have without the need to open the door just to see who it is.

How Can I Install A Door Peephole Camera?

Installing a door peephole camera is so easy and it requires no technical skills or knowledge at all. Once you have your camera at home and everything that came in the box with it, carefully unpackage everything and place it neatly on a flat surface in front of you. First, you can either remove your current door peephole or make a 12mm or 14mm hole in your desired location on your door. There will be a small card in your package outlining the size of your camera so you will know what size hole you would have to make if need be.

Assemble the viewer by putting in the appropriate batteries into the back of it and also insert the SD card that comes with it. Feed through the camera lens side so that it is facing the outside of your home through the gap from your old peephole or the new hole you just made. You will see a mounting bracket in the package that your camera came in, put this over the long side of your peephole camera that is on the side of your door that is inside your home. Place the door viewer which has an LCD screen on it onto the mounting bracket and twist until it locks into place. That’s it! Your door peephole camera is now installed and you can hit the power button located on your door viewer to see what’s on the other side.

Is A Door Peephole Camera Right For Me?

They are so easy to install and also incredibly inexpensive too. You don’t need to be a genius to fit one onto your door and get it up and running and it won’t take you much time at all. A door peephole viewer can provide you with so much added security that it would be crazy not to get one. Some can be installed with ease in under 10 minutes and you shouldn’t see it as a task that would be challenging to do or difficult to figure out.