How To Install Cctv Camera At Home

We all are concerned about home security, and we try our best to make our homes as secure as possible. When we talk about security tools and equipment, a closed-circuit television camera (CCTV) comes first in our mind, and that is because of its versatile use, effectiveness, efficiency, and reliability.

CCTV installation was common for commercial use and in offices, but with the increasing crime rate, it has become essential for homes as well. Installation of CCTV helps you in several ways; only the presence of the CCTV system can deter the intruders and burglars away from your home.

Besides that, CCTV cameras allow you to record the visuals and keep records. In this way, the recording can be used by police and other security departments to analyze a scene and gather authentic evidence in case of crime. Similarly, with CCTV installation, you can keep an eye on all activities being carried out in and around your house. Plus, you can also monitor suspicious happenings by installing them at places where they are hard to detect.

Considering the importance of it, installation of security cameras must be done in accordance with the principles so that you can get the best out of it, but many of us are unaware of the process of how to install CCTV cameras at home, and you surely don’t want to get in wire netting, running through power cables and all.

Having said that, the process to install a CCTV camera at home is quite simple if you have the right set of instructions and you follow them accordingly. If you are looking for the same information, this will end your search as this article will let you walk through installing a CCTV camera at home with ease.

Install CCTV camera at home

The installation process might be different for everyone, but the basic procedure remains the same for all. Whatever it is you do with proper planning gives you fruitful results. The same goes with installing CCTV cameras at home. We will start with preparing the house for installation. Let’s see how.

Installation preparations

There are several things you need to do at this stage. Exploring one by one will help us get along with it in a better way.

Coverage area

Map out your home and see what areas you want to cover with CCTV cameras. Do check the vulnerable areas, analyze from all angles and see where it is necessary to place the CCTV cameras. Making a diagram or sketch might be helpful for you; after you have pointed out the important locations, inspect it once again to see if you will get the required viewing area or not. Coverage and location go hand in hand.

Type of CCTV cameras

You need to be selective here as there are many CCTV cameras available with different features and characteristics. Analyze your security needs and then search out for a camera that can meet your requirement.

Generally, you will come across wired and wireless CCTV cameras; it is evident that you have to deal with long wires with a wired system, and you have to place them in your house so that it does not create havoc. If you don’t want to engage yourself with drilling and wiring, the wireless system is the option you need. It all depends on you and your security requirement.

Besides that, you need to see the technical aspects as well, such as the resolution, storage function, capacity, etc.

When it comes to choosing CCTV cameras, you also need to see whether you need a complete package or you want individual pieces. You will get to know about this when you analyze the house in the first step. If you go for a complete package, it will include all the required materials and the recording device, and if you choose to buy individually, you need to purchase all the required items separately.

Gather tools and materials

You know about the home security requirement at this stage, and you have planned the type of CCTV camera system you need for it. Now is the time to have your hands on the tools and materials. You will generally need an electric drill, screws, nuts, anchors, bolts, power adaptor, and others along with the CCTV camera system.

Installation process

You have done the preparations and have also gathered the required tools, devices, and equipment. Let’s now begin with the installation process of CCTV cameras at home. Remember that you might want to call in the professional to do the job as it is a matter of security, and you don’t want to take any risk. However, by following the below-mentioned steps, you can do it yourself as well.

Check spots

The first step in the installation process is to check the spots in your house where you will mount the cameras. See where you get the broader and clear view. You may want to install CCTV cameras at height to keep it out reach of reach of children and pets. Also, you want to keep it out of sight so that intruders cannot notice it easily.

Install the cameras

You may need to place the mounting bracket beforehand. After that install, the camera in its position set the view and right angle.

Arrange wires/controller

If you have to install the wired security cameras, you should plan the route for placing the wires during the preparation stage. Make sure that you choose the shortest possible path to keep wiring in shape. Drill holes around the track and conceal the cables as planned.

For wireless cameras, you may need to set up the controller/central system or the power supply depending on the type of CCTV setup you are installing. You can choose a separate place for the controller where you can access it conveniently at any time.

After you are done with it, it is time to run the CCTV system and check if all the things are connected and working without any problems.


CCTV installation is a significant step you take for home security and protection, and it should be done properly. The procedure becomes complicated if you lack something at the planning stage, and therefore it is necessary that you follow the steps mentioned in this article to install a CCTV camera at home and make the process easy and fun.