How Well Water System Works?

People living in an urban setting might not ever consider getting a well water system, but for those in rural areas, a well water system might be the only option they have. With the advancement in technology, modern plumbing has made water much more accessible than before and has made well water systems less popular.

Still, a whopping 13 million people around the United States are using private well water systems as the primary source of water.

Undeniably, whatever the field we choose, most of us use modern methods today. However, there are still numerous advantages that only the private well water systems offer. Moreover, even private well water systems have progressed a lot and are now much more reliable than the ancient systems. It is understood that municipal water systems will become more and more popular, but if you are considering getting a private well water system, look no further.

To understand the benefits of a well water system, we need to look at how does a well water system works. So, let’s get right into it!

Where does the water come from?

The water underneath the surface of the ground is identified as Groundwater. When the water in the form of rain or any other form moves downwards into the soil in order to fill up the cracks, it renews the layer of water underneath the surface of the Earth. Groundwater is in abundance on Earth, constituting around 95% of all freshwaters.

The water exists in layers of rock and soil underneath the surface of the Earth, known as aquifers. These aquifers are natural reservoirs of water, serving as a pathway for groundwater to another aquifer.

How does a well work?

Generally, a well is dug as far as a thousand feet into the underground layers of porous rock in order to have access to the water easily and to pull it out towards the surface. The well is equipped with pipe covers, which are sealed into place with the help of clay or concrete sealant in order to protect the water from harmful contaminants. The water moves upwards towards the surface through this isolated pipe system and gets capped off above the ground level.

Then, the water enters the system you have installed in your home. In order to reach the pressure tank of your home, the water travels through a pipe that connects the pipe casing and the pressure tank. After that, you can get water through faucets and taps inside your home.

Is well water safe?

More often than not, well water is hard water. Hard water contains several minerals like magnesium and calcium, which in small amounts are definitely beneficial for our health, but if taken in excess, they can cause many problems. In addition to the health problems, hard water can also cause hard buildups in pipes and the water system.

In addition, well water might contain some harmful contaminants such as nitrates, iron, sulfur, and arsenic. These metals are found in significantly lower quantities, but when they accumulate in the body, they can cause many health problems.

How to keep a well water system in good working condition?

If you have a well water system, make sure to get professional maintenance from certified or licensed technicians, as they seem to have more knowledge about the technicalities of the well. Moreover, untrained technicians might do more harm to your well than good. In addition to keeping the well water system working smoothly, ensure a yearly checkup of the water. Also, get the test conducted if you experience a change in taste, appearance or if you notice there is a smell coming out of the water.

Furthermore, you can get a water softener that can help remove harmful substances from water, such as calcium and magnesium. The water softening filtration system can additionally remove other elements such as chlorine, iron, and manganese.

If you have a well water system, ensure that you take preventative measures to treat the water before you use it for drinking or cleaning purposes. The well does nothing more than pulling out the water from the underground reservoirs.


Having a well provides several benefits, and it acts as the primary source of water that you can use for drinking and as well as for other purposes. But to keep it in shape and maintained, it is necessary that you know how well water system works. Besides, it will also allow you to use the well system in the best possible manner.