How Well Water Pump Works

For people living in remote areas, well water is perhaps the only source of water they have. However, you will also see private wells in urban areas. To bring out water from the well, a water pump is used.

Well water pump is considered as the pivotal point of a well system; without it, it becomes tough to supply water to your home. Having your own water source and a method to supply it to your home is a blessing, as, without water, there is no life. With the use of well water pumps, you don’t have to walk hundreds of miles to bring water to your home.

Though we use and take advantage of well water pumps, not many of us are aware of how well water pumps work, and if you come to know about it, it is going to help you use it efficiently. If well water is the only source for you, you will never want it to stop working.

Thus, we bring you the article telling you about how well water pump works so that you can use it in the best possible manner. It will also allow you to save energy, financial resources and will provide you with water consistently.

Types of well water pump

With time, we have developed several types of well water pumps, before we discuss how well water pumps work, let’s see what are the most popular types we have.

Jet pump

Jet pumps are installed on the ground, usually near a well. It works by force and lifts water through suction tubes by creating a vacuum. The loop system then delivers the water to your home. There are variants of jet pumps available that work best with different depths of a well. Shallow well jet pumps are used for a well with a depth of 25 feet, whereas deep well jet pumps are used where the depth of a well touches to 150 feet.

Hand pump

These are the conventional types of pumps used to pull out water from the ground and are still used at various places. You don’t need electricity to use hand pumps as you can use them manually. These are useful where power outages are expected.

Submersible pump

Submersible pumps are considered as the most advanced, and they can be used for wells that go down for as much as 400 feet. Instead of setting it up on the ground, a submersible pump can be installed in the well under the waterline. In this way, its energy is not consumed in sucking water from the ground, and all of its power is dedicated to pushing water upward and supplying it to your home at a consistent pressure.

How well water pump work?

No matter which type of pump you use, the basic purpose remains the same, and it is to lift water from the ground and supply it to your home or specified area. As submersible pumps and jet pumps come with different designs and mechanisms, both work differently.

The jet pump works using the suction method to drive water up from the well. It consists of suction pipes, an electric motor, and a water impeller. This connects to your plumbing system of the house, and thus it supplies water through it. The system jet pumps work on is also known as the loop system because jet pumps require flowing drive water in order to suck water from the well.

Submersible pumps are more efficient and reliable as compared to other types of well water pumps. Having a cylindrical shape, the pump is attached to the pipes, and then it is put in the well. Using a motor and impellers, the water is pumped up and is supplied to the tank or into the plumbing system.

Components of well water pump

Well water pump does not only consist of a motor and impellers. There are some other components as well that work with a water pump. Let’s explore the most important ones.

Pressure tank

Typically, you don’t get water in your shower directly from the well, water coming from the well is first stored in a pressure tank, and then it is supplied. Thus, the pressure tank is what stores and regulates your water coming from the well. The size of the pressure tank may vary depending on your use. Acting as a reservoir, it saves the pump from continuous usage and provides you consistent water at all times.

Control box

There is a mechanism that works in conjunction with the pressure tank to specify the pressure level. This is done using the pressure switch and control box. It allows you to use the water pump in an effective manner, saving energy costs and continuous usage.

Booster system

It is an additional system that can be used if there is a need. It helps you in resolving drips and increasing the water pressure to your home.


Instead of giving monthly water bills to local authorities, many people are moving towards having their private wells. Cost efficiency and independence are a few of the benefits that you enjoy having your own system. However, you need to have a well water pump in place in order to pump water out of the well and supply it to your home.

Consequently, knowing how well water pump works allows you to use it proficiently, and you will be saving a lot in terms of maintenance and repair costs. Share the article as everyone using the well water pumps needs to know how well water pump works.