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How to Weatherproof a Door?

Doors are your first line of defense against forced entry, vandalism, and theft. Protecting you and your family, you also need to protect the doors from environmental conditions. Especially the outside doors are most affected because of the changing weather conditions. Weatherproofing the door, in this case, is the ultimate solution you can apply to maximize the life of your door.

It doesn’t matter where you live and what the weather conditions are; weatherproofing a door will keep it safe for a longer time and will also help you keep the bugs outside of your house.

It’s high time that you act now and see how to weatherproof a door so that you make it safe and secure. Plus, it will help you save maintenance and repair costs. So, it is going to be a win-win situation for you when weatherproofing your doors.

You are not required to be a carpenter to do the job. Stick to this article as here we walk you through the process of how you can weatherproof a door.

Ways to weatherproof a door

There are quite a few techniques that you can go for in this regard. Check out all that we have discussed and see which one is going to work best as per your needs and requirements.


One of the easy and quick solutions to weatherproof a door is by using the weatherproofing strips that are easily available in any hardware store. You will find different varieties in it, and therefore, you must find the best suitable according to your door that you are going to make weatherproof.

You can place the weatherstrips to the bottom and on all other sides of the door frame. The process is easy and simple, but you need to be careful while taking the measurements and cutting the strips of the same size. Make sure that the strips fit well and are sealed completely. Also, keep in mind to see if the door is working smoothly.

Tension strips or any other type of strips that are made for doors can be applied in a similar manner.

Door insulation felt

The insulating felt is an inexpensive and yet effective method to weatherproof your door. However, it does only lasts for a year or two.

Having said that, it proves to be effective for as long as it lasts. Easy to install, you can set it up on your own and fasten it using the nails or the carpentry staples.

Door sweeps work in a similar manner for weatherproofing, but you need to be careful about the gap between the floor and bottom of the door.

Caulk the door

Usually applied when you set up a door, using caulk is another practical method to weatherproof a door. It often comes in the form of a tube with a nozzle that makes it easy to apply. It works best for preventing heat loss, draughts, and moisture, but with time, it wears down, and you need to apply a new layer.

Foam insulation

Foam insulation also works the best when it comes to weatherproofing a door. Read out the instructions on the spray can if you are not sure how to use it. Follow the guidelines mentioned and spray along with openings from all sides of the door. After you spray the foam, it will expand and will change the form into solid. Apply more than one layer if needed and remove the excess amount once it is dried.

Useful tips when weatherproofing a door

Weatherproofing is important for all doors, and you should be doing it the right way. Following the above methods will work; however, there are a few tips that you can follow for better experience and performance.

  • Inspect the door before you start weatherproofing. If there are any gaps, broken pieces, or anything else that needs to be amended or changed, you should do it first.
  • Upgrading door hardware is crucial for door strength and reliability. The better-quality hardware you have, the longer the door will stay in shape.
  • Make sure that all tools and parts are appropriately fitted, including doorknobs, hinges, nuts, lockets, and bolts.
  • Keep on checking the weatherproofing material from time to time, as it tends to wear down after some time. Apply a new layer of weatherproofing if there is a need, and don’t forget to remove the old layer clearly.


Doors are exposed to harsh weather conditions throughout the year, and in order to survive longer, they need some kind of protection. Weatherproofing works the best, and therefore, you must invest in it and find out how to weatherproof a door. This article offers you with all the related information you essentially require. Read it through and also share it with others so that we all can make the best for doors.